What poetic devices are used in Lucy Gray?

Alliteration ”And sings a soltiray song {lines 63-64} That whistles in the wind” • Imagery • Her feet disperse the powdery snow {line 27}  Euphemism – [Edeb-i Kelam/ Hüsn-ü Talil] ”In heaven we shall meet” (Line- 42)  Irony – Lucy is connected to nature, yet nature is what takes her away .

What figure of speech is used in the line A violet by a mossy stone and fair as a star when only one is shining in the sky?

Call it simile or metaphor: It is the poet’s primary gift. Wordsworth moves from fact to figures of speech: “A violet by a mossy stone / Half-hidden from the eye! / —Fair as a star, when only one / Is shining in the sky.” He never explicitly says “she was like” this or that.

What is the theme of the poem Lucy Gray?

A poem entitled “Lucy Gray” by William Wordsworth focuses on that loss and the emotions that follow it. By reading the poem one can objectively experience both the grief that Lucy Gray’s death brings on but also her parents’ acceptance of her death.

What are the two natural objects to which the speaker compares Lucy?

She was like “A violet by a mossy stone / Half hidden from the eye!” By comparing Lucy to a flower, the speaker implies she was beautiful. So, one reason for his or her love was Lucy’s beauty.

What is the rhyme scheme of the poem Lucy Gray?

Lucy Gray comprises of 16 stanza’s of quatrains, each quatrains follows the rhyme scheme of “ab ab”.

What does the poet think of Lucy?

Answer: In his poem, “Strange Fits of Passion”, he describes the crippling fear of losing the one he loves. Throughout his poetry, the name Lucy nearly always refers to one he loved and lost. Sometimes, Lucy symbolizes a lover, and other times she symbolizes the pure and innocent love a father has for his daughter.

What is the figure of speech used in the lines then nature said a lovelier flower on earth was never sown this child I to myself will take?

The figurative language used is metaphor. The phrase is from the poem Education of Nature by William Wordsworth. According to a nature, it is the loveliest flower on the planet and a gorgeous item of the poet’s mind. Thus, A lovelier flower on Earth was never sown is a metaphor.

Why has Lucy been compared to a ROE?

Answer: she is also compared to a roe deer, and by the end appears effectively to have become some kind of nature-spirit. Lucy is a character who appears in several of Wordsworth’s poems. She functions as an idealized female figure for the poet, and is generally invoked in connection with nature.

Why was Lucy Gray called the solitary child?

The solitary child. Ans. Lucy has been described as a lonely child because she lived on a wild moor. She had no companion to play with.

How does the poet describe the beauty of Lucy?

In these lines, the greatest romantic poet Wordsworth says that Lucy grew up amid nature for three years. Here Lucy is compared to a most beautiful flower because she is innocent and pure like a flower. She experienced all seasons like summer and rain. Nature decides to adopt Lucy as her own child.

What are the qualities that nature imbued in Lucy?

Nature makes Lucy spontaneous and free, albeit with a sense of connection to a greater law than mere mortal conventions, making her naturally morally good. Nature teaches her an appreciation of beauty and love for fellow creatures.

How does the speaker describe Lucy in the poem?

In “Three years she grew in sun and shower,” nature takes Lucy under its wing to make her the most beautiful creature that ever existed. It describes her repeatedly as a vital being, only to let her die prematurely. In “Strange fits of passion have I known,” the speaker states that he would only whisper his thoughts in a lover’s ear.

What are Wordsworth’s “Lucy poems?

Critics have referred to five of Wordsworth’s poems as the “Lucy Poems”. These include, ‘ Strange Fits of Passion have I known ,’ ‘ She Dwelt Among Untrodden Ways ,’ ‘I Travelled Among Unknown Men,’ ‘ Three Years She Grew in Sun and Shower ‘ and ‘ A Slumber Did my Spirit Seal .’

What is the metaphor in She dwelt among the untrodden ways?

“A violet by a mossy stone” in “She dwelt among the untrodden ways” (metaphor): Lucy is compared to a violet whose beauty is obscured by a stone. In life, beautiful things—or people—may be overshadowed and underappreciated, just as Lucy was.

How is Lucy’s death foreshadowed in the poem?

The frequent references to Lucy as a flower or animal throughout the poem cycle foreshadow her mortality, as—like all living creatures—she must also die one day. In the first three stanzas of the poem “She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways,” the narrator claims Lucy’s death would have not affected anyone since she was not a remarkable person.