What radio station is hip hop in Atlanta?

Hot 107.9 is Atlanta’s Hottest Hip Hop!

What is the hip hop station in Georgia?

A new hip-hop station is hitting metro Atlanta airwaves. According to Radio Insight, iHeartMedia (Nasdaq: IHRT) on Nov. 11 announced it will simulcast “The Beat,” an urban and hip-hop station also available on its website, on WRDG 96.7 in Peachtree City, Ga., and 92.3 in Marietta.

What are the top 10 radio stations in Atlanta?

Top 10 Best Radio Stations in Atlanta, GA

  • WHTA-FM HOT 107.9. 3.7 mi. Radio Stations.
  • The Beat – 95.5 FM. 4.1 mi. Radio Stations.
  • 99X. 6.6 mi. Radio Stations.
  • 88.5 WRAS – Album 88. 4.3 mi. Radio Stations.
  • Classic Soul 102.5 FM WAMJ-FM. 4.0 mi. Radio Stations.
  • Star 94. 2.4 mi. Radio Stations.
  • WREK Radio Station. 3.1 mi.
  • Kiss 104.1. 1.3 mi.

What is the number one radio station in Atlanta?

In October 2020, the leading radio station in Atlanta in the United States was WSB-AM (branded as 95.5 WSB) with a rating of 11.0, i.e. 11.0 percent of those listening to the radio in Atlanta listened to WSB-AM for at least five minutes in each 15-minute period.

What radio station is Georgia on?

Bulldogs Live

Market Station Radio
Atlanta WSBB-FM 95.5
Augusta WGAC-AM 580
Augusta WGAC-FM 95.1
Bainbridge WGMK-FM 106.3

What is Atlanta’s R&B station?

KISS 104.1
KISS 104.1 – Atlanta’s R&B – KISS 104.1 FM.

What is Atlanta hip hop and R&B station?

105.3 The Beat – ATL’s Home of the Breakfast Club, Hip-Hop N’ R&B.

What is the hip hop and R&B station in Atlanta Georgia?

The People’s Station, V103. WVEE-FM is spinning the best Hip Hop/R&B, live from Atlanta, GA.

Is there a classical music radio station in Atlanta?

WABE Classics, WABE-HD2 90.1 FM, Atlanta, GA | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

What is Georgia radio station?

List of radio stations

Call sign Frequency Licensee
WABE 90.1 FM Board of Education, City of Atlanta/ WABE
WABR 91.1 FM Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission
WACG-FM 90.7 FM Georgia Public Telecommunications Commission
WAEC 860 AM Beasley Media Group, LLC

What radio station in Atlanta plays oldies?

Classic Soul 102.5 FM WAMJ-FM “For R&B oldies but goodies listen to Classic Soul 102.5 Fm.

What’s the R&B station in Atlanta Georgia?

KISS 104.1 – Atlanta’s R&B – KISS 104.1 FM.