What restaurants does Curt Catallo own?

“We bribed the kids with the featured desserts!” says Curt. This mom-and-dad team definitely has full plates. They own the popular Clarkston Union and Union Woodshop restaurants in downtown Clarkston – plus the Fenton Fire Hall and one of the hottest-table-in-town restaurants Vinsetta Garage in Berkley.

Who owns Union Assembly?

Ann Stevenson
Owned by the duo of Curt Catallo and Ann Stevenson along with managing partner Erich Lines, Union Joints is a 26-year-old independent restaurant group that owns and operates the Clarkston Union, Union General, Union Woodshop, Vinsetta Garage (with partner KC Crain), Fenton Fire Hall, Pumphouse Custard, Honcho (with …

Who owns Union Assembly in Detroit?

Designer and co-owner Ann Stevenson is known for revamping building projects from old Hooters restaurants to former radio station transmitter buildings. 6.

Who owns the Clarkston Union?

Curt Catallo
Curt Catallo, owner Clarkston Union Bar and Restaurant. Chef Scott Laufer presents the Clarkston Union’s legendary Mac & Cheese.

Who owns Castor Troy?

Union Joints restaurant group founders Curt Catallo and Ann Stevenson tell Eater the restaurant called Gran Castor (“great beaver” in Spanish) will open by early summer in Troy.

Who owns Vinsetta Grill?

In a blow to residents who live on streets behind the popular Vinsetta Garage in Berkley, restaurant co-owner Curt Catallo could be getting a late Christmas gift from the city.

When did Hockeytown Cafe open?

Oct. 14, 1999
Located at the site of the former Hughes Hatcher Suffrin men’s clothing store, which had occupied the corner of Woodward Avenue and Montcalm Street since 1911, Hockeytown Cafe opened on Oct. 14, 1999.

What restaurant does Kid Rock own in Michigan?

Kid Rock’s Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen has something for everyone. – Review of Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen, Clarkston, MI – Tripadvisor.

Who owns honchos in Clarkston?

“Everybody hears that word and they think it’s like a Spaghetti Western term, but in reality, Honcho is a term American GIs brought back from WWII, and it is a Japanese term that refers to ‘squad leader’” explains Curt Catallo, the Co-Owner of Honcho.

Who is Curt Catallo?

Detroit-area entrepreneur Curt Catallo has found a special place in the heart of foodies and local historians alike by making it his business to repurpose old buildings and breathe new life into them as unique restaurants.

Who plays in Hockeytown?

Detroit, Michigan – The phrase “Hockeytown,” when combined with the distinctive winged wheel logo of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings, is a registered trademark owned by the franchise.