What size is Kenmore refrigerator Model 253?

The Kenmore refrigerator model 253 is an 18 cubic foot refrigerator.

Who makes Kenmore Model 253?

Gibson (Frigidaire)
The Purchase : Who makes what? : Kenmore

Prefix Manufacturer Type
253. Gibson (Frigidaire) ac, ref
255. Midea frz
266. GE la
267. GE la

How many cubic feet is Kenmore chest freezer 253?

1 Answer from this member: 5.1 cu. ft.

How many cubic feet is my Kenmore freezer?

The third digit in the model number after the 3 number source code designates the cubic feet of the product. In your model the 6 indicates the freezer is a 16 cubic feet model.

How do you find the cubic feet of a refrigerator by model number?

Multiply the numbers together (W x D x H) and divide the total by 1728 to get the cubic feet. For example, if you have a refrigerator that measures 30″ wide by 30″ deep by 48″ high, you multiply 30 X 30 X 48. This gives you 43200. You then divide 43200 by 1728 to get cubic feet.

How can I find out the size of my refrigerator?

To calculate the cubic feet dimensions of your refrigerator, multiply the length x width x depth. Next, divide that total by 1,728 to determine size in cubic feet. There are 1,728 inches in one cubic foot.

Who makes Kenmore refrigerator’s?

Whirlpool makes washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators that bear the Kenmore badge. In addition to Whirlpool-branded appliances, the company also manufactures Amana, Jenn-Air, KitchenAid, and Maytag kitchen and laundry appliances.

How do you measure a chest freezer?

Open the door and, from the outside of the freezer, measure from the front edge of the freezer opening (not the door) to the back wall. Use feet, not inches. Measure the height and the width of your freezer’s opening. Multiply the depth, height and width together to determine the cubic feet.

Why is my Kenmore freezer not freezing?

The freezer in a Kenmore freezer may not keep food frozen for numerous reasons such as frozen evaporator coils, leaky refrigerator hoses, a too-crowded freezer, a clogged defrost drain or a malfunctioning or broken thermostat.

How many cu ft is my freezer?

How do you find out cubic feet?

If you prefer to or have to calculate cubic footage by hand, you can find cubic feet by multiplying three linear measurements—length, width, and height—in feet. For instance, to find the volume of a cube, you would calculate the following: length x width x height.