What song does she dance to in Save the Last Dance?

Cort (exec.)…Track listing.

No. 1.
Title “Shining Through (Theme from Save the Last Dance)” (performed by Fredro Starr and Jill Scott)
Writer(s) Billy Steinberg Tom Kelly
Producer(s) Davinci Fredro Starr
Length 3:50

Did Julia Stiles do her dancing in Save the Last Dance?

In recent years, social media users have poked fun at what felt was mediocre dancing and choreography in the scene. And while some might think the choreography wasn’t that intense because Stiles wasn’t a professional dancer, it turns out she actually had dance training prior to her acting career.

Does Save the Last Dance have a happy ending?

Save the Last Dance has a happy ending, but it’s hard to believe that it’s a hopeful story about love and following your dreams from the opening of the film. The first few minutes are pretty depressing, especially for a teen movie. In the opening scenes, we see Sara taking the train to live with her dad in Chicago.

What happened to the guy from Save the Last Dance?

After Save the Last Dance, he went on to star in Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back In Business with Ice Cube. He also had a starring role on the CBS series The District which ran until 2004. Thomas has continued acting regularly, and has most recently appeared on Ringer and American Horror Story.

Is Derek in Save the Last Dance 2?

Save the Last Dance 2 Review while of course still indulging her passion for hip-hop dancing. She’s broken up with Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas in the original) and is now courting a stand-in professor at Julliard (Columbus Short).

How old was Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance?

Seventeen-year-old Sara Johnson (Julia Stiles), a promising ballet dancer in suburban Chicago, hopes to be admitted to Juilliard School and implores her mother to attend the audition.

Did Julia Stiles have a stunt double in Save the Last Dance?

Money, Dear Boy: Sean Patrick Thomas took the role to pay off his student loans. No Stunt Double: Julia Stiles did all the hip-hop dancing herself, but she used a double for some of the ballet. The Other Darrin: Neither Sean Patrick Thomas nor Julia Stiles reprise their roles in Save the Last Dance 2.

Did Julia Stiles like Heath Ledger?

In May, when asked about Ledger during an interview with Access Hollywood, Stiles described him as being “such an amazing talent and so alive. He just lived life to the fullest.” She added that “he was very present,” and also called him a “gracious actor” then.

Are Derek and chenille twins in Save the Last Dance?

She then falls for Derek, an African-American teenager (Thomas) at her new high school, who also shares a love for dance. Kerry Washington portrayed Derek’s sister Chenille.

Is Rihanna in Save the Last Dance?

Blige, Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Hudson, Usher, Leona Lewis, Sade, Prince, and Rihanna. 12. And the chair dance that Sara and Derek rehearse is the same routine as The Backstreet Boys do in their video for “As Long As You Love Me”.

How old was Julia Stiles when she filmed Save the Last Dance?

Speaking in a new interview about the film, both Stiles, who was 19 at the time of filming Save The Last Dance, and Thomas said they would potentially be interested in reprising their roles for a sequel, providing it has a good enough storyline. “It would be so special.

How did Julia Stiles get Save the Last Dance?

Stiles explained that she was cast for Save the Last Dance after the director, Thomas Carter, watched her character Kat Stratford in 1999’s 10 Things I Hate About You do a dance on a pool table drunk. “He saw that and he was like, ‘Oh, you have rhythm,’ ” she recalled.