What to say when someone asks how have you been?

Short answers to answer the question

  1. “Not bad!”
  2. “Never been better!”
  3. “Could be better.”
  4. “A little crazy actually!”
  5. Hectic!”
  6. “Busy, busy.”
  7. “As usual.”
  8. “I’ve been traveling quite a bit since we saw each other last Christmas.”

How do you reply How do you feel?

” I’ve not been too great ” or, ” I’m so so ” ( meaning I’m average for MS ) or ” I cant explain “or ” nothing you would understand.” Yes, I agree it can be difficult to explain. Yours are good answers. I just usually say pretty good, rather than trying to explain.

What to say when someone asks what are you doing?

When someone asks ‘what are u doing?’ this question doesn’t require a specific answer. You could answer saying, “Nothing much” or “Just the usual” because the person likely doesn’t need to know the ins and outs of your routine, it’s just a conversation starter.

What feel means?

verb feels, feeling or felt (fɛlt) to perceive (something) by touching. to have a physical or emotional sensation of (something)to feel heat; to feel anger.

What is the difference between felt and feel?

As verbs the difference between feel and felt is that feel is (lb) to use the sense of touch while felt is to fear something.

What is holistic thinking?

Holistic thinking is the ability to see things as a whole (or holistically), to understand and predict the many different types of relationships between the many elements in a complex system, and also perceive the whole picture through sensing its large-scale patterns.

How do you use feel like in English?

After feel like, you can use a noun or an –ing form.

  1. I feel like a drink. (= I would like a drink.)
  2. I feel like going to the beach. (= I would like to go to the beach.)
  3. I feel like singing.
  4. I feel like swimming.
  5. I feel like having a snack.
  6. I feel like reading a novel.
  7. I felt like laughing.
  8. I feel like writing a novel.

What does Overfeel mean?

To feel excessively or to too great an extent quotations ▼

What are some examples of brainstorming?

To brainstorm is to think about and try to come up with ideas or solutions to a problem, either on your own or in a group. If you and your co-workers sit around and try to come up with new ideas for an ad campaign, this is an example of when you brainstorm ideas.

What is another way to say I feel in?

Synonyms for I feel

  1. i think. prep.
  2. i believe. prep.
  3. i sense.
  4. i felt.
  5. feel. v.
  6. i have a feeling.
  7. i guess.
  8. i got a feeling.