What type of soprano was Jeanette MacDonald?

lyric soprano
Most listeners agreed that MacDonald’s lyric soprano was a smaller instrument outside the Hollywood sound stage, but she made creditable impressions in a pair of Gounod operas — “Romeo et Juliette” and “Faust” — and Turk contends that only establishment snobbery kept her from breaching such citadels as the …

Was Jeanette MacDonald a real opera singer?

MacDonald often played a singer in the movies, and the real-life role of opera singer was one that she coveted. She did sing in a few performances of “Faust” and “Romeo et Juliette” with considerable success, but the doors of the Metropolitan remained closed to her.

Who is Jeanette MacDonald married to?

Gene RaymondJeanette MacDonald / Spouse (m. 1937–1965)Gene Raymond was an American film, television, and stage actor of the 1930s and 1940s. In addition to acting, Raymond was also a singer, composer, screenwriter, director, producer, and decorated military pilot. Wikipedia

Did Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy like each other?

Despite all the high drama, Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy had a fierce, spiritual bond and loved each other to the end.

Who sang the Indian Love Call?

Jeanette MacDonald
Nelson Eddy
Indian Love Call/Artists

Why did Nelson Eddy not marry Jeanette MacDonald?

Then, during the filming of “Rose Marie” and “Sweethearts,” MacDonald twice became pregnant by Eddy and had two miscarriages, Rich said. At that time, MGM film studio head Louis B. Mayer forced the two to break up because he believed a shotgun wedding would destroy MacDonald’s pristine image as “the Iron Butterfly.”

Did Jeanette MacDonald have a sister?

Blossom Rock
Elsie MacDonald
Jeanette MacDonald/Sisters

What was Jeanette MacDonald’s last movie?

The Sun Comes Up (1949) teamed MacDonald with Lassie in an adaptation of a short story by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. MacDonald played a widow who has lost her son, but warms to orphan Claude Jarman Jr. It would prove to be her final film.

How tall is Jeanette MacDonald?

5′ 4″Jeanette MacDonald / Height

Did Slim Whitman yodel?

He yodeled throughout his career and had a three-octave singing range. Whitman said yodeling required rehearsal.

Did Jeanette MacDonald have a child?

At one time were engaged; MacDonald broke it off because of his womanizing. Actor. Married born on August 13, 1908; married on June 16, 1937 survived her; had no children; married the former Mrs.

Was Slim Whitman married?

Alma “Jerry” Crist WhitmanSlim Whitman / Spouse (m.?–2009)