What was arsenals old ground called?

Description. Highbury, officially called Arsenal Stadium, was the home of Arsenal FC between 1913 and 2006. In its final years it had a capacity of 38,500 seats.

What happened to the old Highbury stadium?

Arsenal Stadium was a football stadium in Highbury, London, which was the home of Arsenal Football Club between 6 September 1913 and 7 May 2006….Arsenal Stadium.

Opened 6 September 1913
Renovated 1932–1936, 1992–1993
Closed 7 May 2006
Demolished 2006; redeveloped as housing

Has Highbury been knocked down?

The stadium was redeveloped and converted into 650 flats in a project known as “Highbury Square”. The North Bank and Clock End stands were demolished.

How much do Arsenal owe on their stadium?

DEBT REMAINS Going off documents posted on Comanpies House last year Kroenke still owes £144million to bondholders in stadium debt, making those “beneficial” lending terms that left the previous board so “delighted” in the summer of 2007 appear a tad peculair in retrospect.

How much did Arsenal sell Highbury for?

A flat on the grounds of Arsenal ‘s old Highbury stadium has gone up for sale for £660,000. The Gunners’ former home was converted into flats when they moved into the Emirates. However, the artwork on the front of the stadium has remained, making the flats a perfect spot for any Gooner.

When was Highbury Square Built?

2010Highbury Square / Opened

How much is Real Madrid’s debt?

After all, the club’s gross debt stands at a whopping €901million (£771m) with the net debt at a figure of €355million (£304m) – in club accounts that were made public in January this year.

Is Arsenal debt free?

Losses and debt have continued to climb, and the latest Arsenal Supporters’ Trust meeting revealed the full extent of the problem. “Arsenal looking at cumulative losses of circa £250m over last three seasons,” they revealed. ‘Stadium debt and other structural debt’ has increased from £175m to £350m.

Where is Tottenham’s home ground?

Tottenham Hotspur StadiumTottenham Hotspur F.C. / Arena/Stadium