What was Good Morning Britain originally called?

ITV Breakfast

First air date 1 January 1993 (as GMTV) 6 September 2010 (as Daybreak) 28 April 2014 (as Good Morning Britain)
Area National (Breakfast 6:00 am – 10:00 am)
Owner ITV plc
Former names GMTV
Official website Good Morning Britain Lorraine CITV

WHO launched TVAM?

The Famous Five: Robert Kee, Angela Rippon, David Frost, Anna Ford and Michael Parkinson launch TV-am on 1st February 1983. Nick joined TV-am’s sports team in January 1983, and presented the sports bulletins on the first ever TV-am show.

What was the first breakfast show on ITV?

Good Morning Britain (1983 TV programme)

What came after TVAM?

Despite these setbacks, by the 1990s, TV-am’s flagship programme Good Morning Britain had become the most popular breakfast show on UK television. However, following a change in the law regarding TV franchising, the company lost its licence. It was replaced by GMTV in 1993.

Where was TV-am filmed?

It was converted from a former car showroom in 1981 to a design by Sir Terry Farrell, and came to be known as Eggcup House because of plastic eggcups on the roof….

Breakfast Television Centre
Type Television broadcast facilities
Location South of Camden Lock, London.
Address 17–29 Hawley Crescent London NW1 8TT

When did breakfast television start in the UK?

17 January 1983 at 06:30, and television history was made – Breakfast Time, Europe’s first regular morning television service was launched.

Who presents Good Morning Britain today?

The latest news on Good Morning Britain – ITV’s morning talk show hosted by the likes of Susanna Reid, Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway.

Who is Anne Diamond husband?

Mike HollingsworthAnne Diamond / Husband (m. 1989–1999)

How old is Wincey Willis now?

73 years (August 8, 1948)Wincey Willis / Age

Who is presenting GMB on Monday?

Susanna Reid
Yearly Presenter Schedule

Years Monday Wednesday
January 2022-present Susanna Reid and Guest/Relief Presenters with Ranvir Singh Susanna Reid and Guest/Relief Presenters with Charlotte Hawkins