What was the #1 R&B song in 1996?

Top 100 R&B Songs in 1996

Rank Song Title
1 Return of the Mack Mark Morrison ► Return of the Mack
2 I Believe I Can Fly R. Kelly ► I Believe I Can Fly
3 Killing Me Softly The Fugees ► Killing Me Softly
4 Tha Crossroads Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ► Tha Crossroads

What was the number one R&B song in the 90s?

Top 100 R&B Songs in 1990

Rank Song Title
1 Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C+C Music Factory ► Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)
2 All Around The World Lisa Stansfield ► All Around The World
3 Spread My Wings Troop ► Spread My Wings
4 I’ve Been Thinking About You Londonbeat ► I’ve Been Thinking About You

What was the number one hip hop song in 1990?

Number-one singles

Single Artist Reached number one
“911 Is a Joke” Public Enemy May 26, 1990
“AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted” Ice Cube June 9, 1990
“The Power” Snap! June 30, 1990
“We’re All in the Same Gang” The West Coast Rap All-Stars July 21, 1990

What R&B songs came out in the 90s?

We do have a list with The 50 Best R&B Albums of the ’90s, but these are the best ’90s R&B songs.

  • Tony!
  • Deborah Cox, “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” (1998)
  • Brandy & Monica, “The Boy Is Mine” (1998)
  • Color Me Badd, “I Wanna Sex You Up” (1991)
  • Xscape, “Just Kickin’ It” (1993)
  • Soul for Real, “Candy Rain” (1994)

What was the number one hip-hop song in 1991?

Public Enemy – Shut Em Down The Enemy Strikes Black.

Who was the number one rapper in the 90s?

1 Nas. The album that launched 1,000 careers. Illmatic is arguably the most influential record in rap history, but it was also just the beginning of Nas’ legacy. Few were able to match his lyricism throughout the decade… or ever.

Was 1996 a good year for hip hop music?

But 1996 still was an excellent year for Hip Hop, arguably one of its best years ever. A lot of classic album releases, and the singles to go along with them. This is our top 40 Hip Hop songs of 1996.

What are the Best Hip-Hop Albums with dope rhymes and flows?

Flawless production, dope rhymes, and superb flows – Pimp C & Bun B really bring their A-game on their third album. “One Day” is but one of the smoothed out bangers, as the whole album is dope from start to finish. 38. Redman – It’s Like That ft K-solo One of the many dope tracks of Redman ‘s third – and arguably best – album Muddy Waters.

What are some of the most slept-on albums of 1996?

But anyone who is into that jazzy kind of NYC boom-bap, complemented by at times thought-provoking rhymes, could do worse than to check this album out (if you somehow missed out on it). One of the most slept-on albums in 1996. Top tracks: Escape From New York | The Lump Lump | Stages & Lights | Interview

What are some of the Best Hip Hop Albums from the south?

UGK will always be one of the greatest acts to come from the South and Ridin’ Dirty is an album that needs to be in any Hip Hop head’s collection. 12. Jeru The Damaja – Wrath Of The Math