What was the song played at Michael Jacksons funeral?

In Music History Thirty-seven years later on the same date, he performs The Commodores song “Jesus is Love” at a memorial service for the late Michael Jackson at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Who sang Heal the World at Michael Jackson Memorial?

Judith Hill
When the all-star Michael Jackson memorial ceremony in Los Angeles came to an end today, millions of fans watching the event became curious about the woman who sang lead on Jackson’s “Heal the World.” The mystery singer was Judith Hill, a Pasadena, California-based vocalist who was recruited to be one of the backup …

Who sang Smile at Michael Jackson’s funeral?

brother Jermaine
Jackson’s brother Jermaine — dressed like all the Jackson brothers in a dark suit, a yellow tie and a single white sequined glove — sang a version of Mr. Jackson’s favorite song, “Smile,” whose music was written by Charlie Chaplin. In the final minutes of the two-and-a-half-hour ceremony, one of Mr.

How much did Michael Jackson’s coffin cost?

In addition to Jackson’s clothing, expenses for the service included the singer’s entombment in the cemetery’s private Grand Mausoleum, which cost $590,000; his metallic casket, which cost $25,000; and security, which cost $175,089.

Why did Diana Ross not attend Michael Jackson’s funeral?

Quincy Jones, Jackson’s longtime producer, and Diana Ross — who was named in Jackson’s will as a backup guardian to Jackson’s three children — also skipped the ceremony. Ross said she was at the memorial “in spirit,” but that she “decided to pause and be silent” because it “feels right.”

Was Judith Hill on the voice?

Judith Hill performs on ‘The Voice’. Judith Hill auditioned for The Voice hoping for a shot at fame just like everyone else, landing on coach Adam Levine’s team after a four-chair turn during the blind auditions.

What was Michael Jackson’s favorite song that he wrote?

According to American Songwriter, Chaplin helped craft the score to his movie Modern Times. Songwriters John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons later adapted part of that score into the song “Smile,” which Jackson often referred to as his favorite song.