What was the tsunami in Solomon Islands in 2013?

Solomon Islands Earthquake and Tsunami, February 6, 2013. The February 6, 2013 magnitude 7.9 Mw Solomon Islands earthquake (10.766 S, 165.114 E, depth 24 km) generated a tsunami that was observed all over the Pacific region and caused deaths and damage locally.

How big was the tsunami on Santa Cruz Island?

On Santa Cruz Island, 1.5 m (4.9 ft) waves damaged 50 buildings. In Lata, the tsunami damaged the airport and flooded low-lying areas killing nine people, five of them elderly and one a child. More than 100 houses on the island were damaged, and the water and electricity services were interrupted.

Where is the epicenter of the Solomon Islands tsunami?

Its epicenter was the Solomon Islands, at the boundaries of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates, causing local evacuations and a tsunami of 1.5 m (4.9 ft) and killing at least nine people. The Santa Cruz and Solomon Islands are located on the plate boundary between the Australian and Pacific plate.

How many aftershocks did Solomon Islands have?

Major traffic jams were caused in Honiara, the capital city of Solomon Islands as people attempted to flee the coming wave. After the main shock, the epicenter area was hit by 13 aftershocks greater than magnitude 5.”

Is there any raw footage of the tsunami in Japan?

Above is some of the raw footage of from the Japanese media helicopter. It shows more of the tsunami waves before they hit land. Tsunami waves have never really been captured on video like this before.

What is the second largest tsunami on record?

THE TSUNAMI THAT DEVASTATED Japan on Friday afternoon, local time, was significant for several reasons. For one, it’s the second largest tsunami on record, after the 2004 Boxing Day Indonesian tsunami that killed 240,000 people. Second, it’s the best-documented ever.