What was the worst prison camp during the Civil War?

Camp Sumter Military Prison, more commonly known as Andersonville, was in operation from February of 1864 until the end of the war. During that time approximately 45,000 Union soldiers were held in captivity at Andersonville. Of these, nearly 13,000 died, making Andersonville the deadliest landscape of the Civil War.

What was one of the worst Confederate Civil War prison camps?

Despite the controversy, there can be little doubt that Andersonville was the Civil War’s most infamous and deadly prison camp. However, the issues raised by Andersonville were shared by many camps on both sides.

What was notable about Elmira prison?

It was the prison holding the largest number of Confederate POWs. Its capacity was 4,000, but it held 12,000 within one month of opening.

What was Andersonville prison in the Civil War?

The largest and most famous of 150 military prisons of the Civil War, Camp Sumter, commonly known as Andersonville, was the deadliest landscape of the Civil War. Of the 45,000 Union soldiers imprisoned here, nearly 13,000 died.

How many Confederate soldiers died at Camp Douglas?

4,000 Confederate soldiers
When we first meet Chris, our Curious Citizen, it’s a bitterly cold day in late January and we stand on what Keller and others claim is the largest mass grave in the Western Hemisphere: a mound of roughly 4,000 Confederate soldiers who died at Camp Douglas, now buried at Oak Woods Cemetery at 67th Street and Cottage …

What did Civil War prisoners eat?

“The food, while good, was very scant. Breakfast consisted of coffee and a loaf of bread, the latter under ordinary circumstances, with vegetables and other food, would probably suffice for two meals. The loaf was given us at breakfast, and if we ate it all then we went without bread for dinner.

What was the union equivalent to Andersonville?

Camp Douglas (Chicago)
Camp Douglas, in Chicago, Illinois, sometimes described as “The North’s Andersonville,” was one of the largest Union Army prisoner-of-war camps for Confederate soldiers taken prisoner during the American Civil War.

How many prisoners were in Elmira?

The camp held more than 12,000 prisoners, but only had barrack space for 5,000. Prisoners who died at the camp are buried at Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira.

How many Confederate soldiers died at Elmira prison camp?

Out of a total of 12,121 Confederate prisoners, *2,970 died a 24.5% death rate. Elmira Prison operated for 370 days and had 2,970 deaths equaling 8 deaths per day. All eleven Confederate States plus Missouri are represented in the burials in the Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, Chemung County, NY.

Why was Andersonville Prison so infamous?

The prison at Andersonville, officially called Camp Sumter, was the South’s largest prison for captured Union soldiers and known for its unhealthy conditions and high death rate.

What did Andersonville prisoners eat?

Food rations were a small portion of raw corn or meat, which was often eaten uncooked because there was almost no wood for fires. The only water supply was a stream that first trickled through a Confederate army camp, then pooled to form a swamp inside the stockade.

What is the best book on the Civil War prison camps?

“Prison Camps and Prisoners of War,” in Steven E. Woodworth, ed. The American Civil War. pp. 466–78; good review of published studies. online Cloyd, Benjamin G. (2010). Haunted by Atrocity: Civil War Prisons in American Memory. (Louisiana State University Press.

What happened to civil war prisoners of war?

American Civil War prison camps. A Union Army soldier barely alive who survived Andersonville Prison in Georgia on his release in May, 1865. Both Confederate and Union prisoners of war suffered great hardships during their captivity.

What is the best movie about the Civil War?

The Top 10 Civil War Movies. 1 Glory. Sunset Boulevard / Getty Images. One of the most popular and critically acclaimed Civil War films ever made, “Glory” is the stirring account of 2 Gettysburg. 3 Gone With the Wind. 4 North and South. 5 The Red Badge of Courage.

What movies have been filmed at Holmesburg Prison?

Law Abiding Citizen: Holmesburg Prison was the setting for several scenes in this 2009 movie about vigilantism, starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler. Animal Factory: Old convict mentors young convict behind Holmesburg’s walls in this 2000 film, directed by Steve Buscemi and starring Willem Dafoe.