When did Malaysia host the Commonwealth Games?

Their biggest haul of gold and silver medals however came in 1998 when Kuala Lumpur, the capital, became the first Asian city to host the Commonwealth Games….Medals.

Games Entered Kuala Lumpur 1998
Gold 10
Silver 13
Bronze 12
Total 35

Where was the 16 th Commonwealth Games being held and in what year?

If you did not know it already, the 16th Commonwealth Games will be held in Kuala Lumpur, 11-21 September 1998. The Commonwealth Games is one of the largest sporting meetings, only just short of the Olympic Games, and it is the first time it has been held in Asia.

Which was the first Indian city to host the Commonwealth Games in 1998?

India hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010. This was the first time India has hosted the Games and only the second time the event has been held in Asia (Kuala Lumpur in 1998 was the first).

Is Malaysia a Commonwealth?

Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, has been an active member of the Commonwealth since 1957. The Commonwealth serves as a useful platform for exchanging information, ideas and experiences and promotes better understanding amongst its member states.

What sports were introduced into the 1998 Commonwealth Games program?


September Events
Aquatics Artistic Swimming 2
Athletics 46
Badminton 7
Bowling 5

Which city was the first to host the Commonwealth Games twice?

Scotland first hosted the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh in 1970 then held them again in 1986, making Edinburgh the first city to host the games twice.

What was the mascot of Commonwealth Games held in 1998?

mascot Wira
This was followed by the parade of nations — 69 participating nations, led by mascot Wira and previous games’ mascots (Canada being the first country to come into the stadium as host country of the previous games, and Malaysia entering last as hosts).