When did the Kmart ship my pants commercial?

Using a bit of potty humor to tout its shipping service, Kmart’s new online ad, called “Ship My Pants,” is generating a fair amount giggles online. Since it was posted on YouTube on April 10, it’s been viewed more than 9.6 million times.

When was shipping my pants commercial?

Kmart Ship My Pants Commercial 2013: Web ‘Shipping’ Their Pants From Laughter. TV ad’s play on the word “ship” has won millions of fans on YouTube.

What does ship my pants mean?

Shit my, shit my. When the release is left out, these two phrases sound almost exactly the same. Ship my pants, shit my pants. Kmart wants you to know you can ship any item they don’t have in the store for free, and to make sure you remember, they’re making it sound a lot like the idiom to ‘shit your pants’.

Is Kmart out of business?

What’s next for Kmart Today, only four U.S. locations remain. Two of them are located in New Jersey, and the other two are in Long Island and Miami.

Why did Kmart close?

Struggling to compete with Walmart’s low prices and Target’s trendier offerings, Kmart filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early 2002 — becoming the largest U.S. retailer to take that step — and announced it would close more than 250 stores.

What means I ship it?

As a verb, people usually declare their affinity for a certain pairing by saying something like “I ship Character X and Character Y!” Alternatively, when faced with a situation that makes characters seem cute together, they may say “I ship it.” Someone who so ships a character is a shipper (e.g., a Ron Weasley/Hermione …

How many kmarts left 2022?

three Kmarts
Kmart store closings 2022: Just three Kmarts remain after new round of closures. Soon there will be only three open Kmart stores in the U.S.

Why is shipping called shipping?

Sometimes old-school fans will write “ship” with an apostrophe, ‘ship/’shipping, to acknowledge that the terms are derived from “relationship.” Shipping comes from The X-Files’ fandom, which coined the concept in the ’90s to describe fan reaction to the interminable UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) between Mulder and …