Where are all the feathers in Venice ac2?

Venice (San Polo District)

Feather Location
1 Atop a tall wooden pole on the western side of the bridge.
2 On top of a little wooden sign sticking out of a building, fairly up high from the ground.
3 On a wooden pole sticking out of a building above the river.
4 On a pole in the water behind the tailor’s shop.

What happens when you collect all the feathers in ac2?

All feathers were found in the Frontier, and a map detailing their locations could also be bought from general stores. Collecting all feathers unlocked the outfit Ratonhnhaké:ton wore before becoming an Assassin.

Where are all the feathers in Assassin’s Creed 2 Monteriggioni?

Monterigionni feather locations: 1: On the rooftop just across from the central staircase that leads up to your villa. 2: On a beam sticking out of the tower above the town’s front gates. 3: On the roof of the little house at the northeast corner of the map. 4: On the roof of the cottage to the west of the town.

How do you get the Auditore cape in ac2?

The Auditore cape is unlocked by collecting and depositing 100 feathers scattered throughout Italy. The cape raises Ezio’s social status to notorious, for as long as it is worn. Wearing this cape in every region, including the Apennine Mountains, rewards the Show your colors achievement.

Where is Xenia feather?

The treasure is in Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax in the southern part of Attika. The feather is in the pile of items located on the left side of the room.

Why does Ezio wear a cape?

Pilgrimage robes Ezio chose to wear a dark blue scarf around his neck to protect himself from the extreme weather. After being ambushed by a large group of Byzantine Templars upon arriving at Masyaf, Ezio removed his cape before combating his attackers, and he did not replace it afterwards.

Where are all the feathers?

Here are all five feather locations:

  • Feather one – Outside Spider’s lair in the Tangled Shore.
  • Feather two – Sludge in the EDZ.
  • Feather three – South spawn in the Cosmodrome.
  • Feather four – Blind Well gates in the Dreaming City.
  • Feather five – Shrine of Oryx on the Moon.

How do you unlock Altair’s outfit in ac2?

Altair Outfit Will become available after completing Sequence 1, Memory 10. It can be bought at any tailor shop and equipped in the outfits section of your inventory.

Where can I get Ajax feathers?

Golden Feather of Ajax location It’s the Isle of Salamis, in the Attika region. It’s the one west of the Port of Piraeus. The location marked on the map is the Lighthouse of the Father of Ajax, which is at the southermost point of the island.

Where is the Feather of Ajax?

Golden Feather of Ajax Here, you can meet with the man who will point you the location of the feather. The treasure is in Mycenaean Tomb of Ajax in the southern part of Attika. The feather is in the pile of items located on the left side of the room. Kill all enemies before you pick up the item.