Where can I watch episodes of Early Doors?

Top 5 providers

  • Netflix.
  • hayu.
  • Amazon Video.

Can I still watch Early Doors?

Early Doors is no longer running and has no plans to air new episodes or seasons. It has a high IMDb audience rating of 8.5 (1,714 votes) and was disliked by critics.

How many series of Early Doors are there?


Early Doors
No. of series 2
No. of episodes 12
Running time 30 minutes

Was Early Doors Cancelled?

Early Doors creators Craig Cash and Phil Mealey confirm it’s not returning to TV. Early Doors writers Craig Cash and Phil Mealey have got some sad news for fans of the classic comedy- it won’t be returning to TV screens anytime soon.

What channel is early doors on?

Early Doors/Networks

Where was early doors filmed?

The TV series was filmed at a set at the old Granada Studios in Manchester, on the same stage that had been used for Sooty and Sweep, Phil recalls.

What channel was early doors on?

Where does the term early doors come from?

Etymology. According to some, the phrase originated at a time when English pubs closed in the afternoon as a term for customers who were waiting or arrived soon after the pub re-opened in the evening.

Who plays Liam in Early Doors?

James McAvoy
Key cast & crew credits

John Henshaw Ken
James McAvoy Liam (Series 1)
Lee Ingleby Dean (Series 2)
Maxine Peake Janice (Series 1)
Susan McArdle Nicola (Series 2)

Is Early Doors a saying?

Early doors is a phrase particularly linked with football (soccer, that is). It means “early on”: We’ve got to make sure we don’t concede, especially early doors, but I think it’s definitely game on if we score first.

Why did James Mcavoy leave Early Doors?

The lads reveal that the reason James didn’t return in the second series of Early Doors was because he had been signed up for what would become a career-defining role in Channel 4 drama Shameless, as had Maxine Peake who also appeared in the first series of Early Doors.

What Programmes has Craig Cash been in?

Craig Cash (born 11 September 1960) is an English comedian, actor, narrator, director and BAFTA award-winning writer and producer. His best known works are in the television shows The Royle Family, The Fast Show, The Mrs Merton Show, Early Doors, Sunshine and most recently The Café, Rovers and After Hours.

Who are the actors in early doors?

Early Doors is a BBC sitcom written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey who also appear in the series playing best friends Joe and Duffy.

Is early doors still on TV?

The 2006 Channel 4 documentary Who Killed the British Sitcom used the closing music from Early Doors over its own end credits. In June 2018, it was announced that Craig Cash and Phil Mealey had been writing Early Doors Live, a new stage show based on the series.

What is the setting of Early Doors?

Early Doors is a BBC sitcom written by Craig Cash and Phil Mealey, who also appear in the series playing best friends Joe and Duffy.The setting is The Grapes, a small public house in Stockport where daily life revolves around the issues of love, loneliness and blocked urinals.

Who wrote the theme song for Early Doors?

Early Doors Written by Craig Cash Phil Mealey Starring Craig Cash Phil Mealey John Henshaw Susa Theme music composer Roddy Frame Opening theme “Small World”