Where is Bellingrath Gardens Christmas lights?

Visit Us. 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Rd.

How long does it take to walk through Bellingrath Gardens?

Allow at least 1.5 – 2 hours to tour the Gardens and an additional 30 minutes to tour the Bellingrath Museum Home.

How much is Boo at Bellingrath?

Tickets are $16 for adults and $10 for ages 5-12. There is no charge for ages 4 and younger. Members of the Friends of Bellingrath will receive a discount on their tickets.

Was Bellingrath Gardens a plantation?

He and his wife, Bessie, lived in the home which has since been converted into a museum. The gardens opened to the public in 1932….Bellingrath Gardens and Home.

Area 6.5 acres (2.6 ha)
Built 1925-1949
Architectural style 20th Century Revival
Website bellingrath.org
Significant dates

Who built Bellingrath Gardens?

architect George B. Rogers
Bellingrath and was designed by architect George B. Rogers. Bessie Morse Bellingrath died in 1943 at the age of 64.

Who is Walter Bellingrath?

Walter Bellingrath’s business interests stretched to owning the National Mosaic Tile Company, serving on the board of the First National Bank and owning a warehousing company. He was also an original founder of the Waterman Steamship Company of Mobile.

Does Bellingrath Gardens serve alcohol?

Catering your Event We recommend that you use one of our Preferred Vendors for catering, but if you would like to bring your own caterer, they must be a licensed company and approved in advance. Bellingrath Gardens and Home currently holds an alcohol beverage license.

Are the azaleas blooming at Bellingrath Gardens?

Welcome to the 2022 Azalea Watch! Due to a few irregular weather events this year, azaleas seem to be blooming in waves at Bellingrath. The majority of our azaleas are past what may be considered “peak bloom,” but there are several varieties that seem to have caught a second wind, flushed with a lot of color.

How many acres is Bellingrath Gardens?

65 acres
Bellingrath Gardens & Home. Enjoy 65 acres of year-round floral wonder in a Southern estate garden. Bellingrath Gardens and Home features blooms and beauty every day of the year.

Who owns Bellingrath?

Mr. Walter Duncan Bellingrath dies at the age of 86 and is buried beside his wife at Magnolia Cemetery. After Mr. Bellingrath’s death, George Downing becomes Chairman of the Board of the Bellingrath-Morse Foundation.

How old is Bellingrath?

Bellingrath and Bessie Morse Bellingrath opened their Gardens to the public for the first time on April 7, 1932. A major traffic jam ensued and admission was charged thereafter for maintenance of the Gardens. The 10,500-square-foot Bellingrath Home was completed in July 1936.

What is blooming at Bellingrath Gardens?

Each spring, guests at Bellingrath Gardens and Home enjoy the blooms of more than 250,000 vibrant azaleas in an explosion of color throughout the 65-acre estate. The annual Azalea Bloom Out goes back to Bellingrath’s earliest beginnings in 1919, when Walter Bellingrath purchased a rustic fishing camp on Fowl River.

Where is Bellingrath Gardens and home located?

Bellingrath Gardens and Home 12401 Bellingrath Gardens Road Theodore, AL 36582 How far to Bellingrath Gardens and Home from: Mobile, AL:  30 minutes southwest Mississippi Gulf Coast:  1 hour east Florida panhandle beaches:  less than 2 hours west New Orleans, LA:  2 hours east Birmingham, AL:  4 hours south Atlanta, GA:  6 hours southwest

How far is Bellingrath Gardens from mobile?

How far to Bellingrath Gardens and Home from: Mobile, AL:  30 minutes southwest Mississippi Gulf Coast:  1 hour east Florida panhandle beaches:  less than 2 hours west

How do I get to Bellingrath Gardens from New Orleans?

From New Orleans (I-10 East into Mobile, AL): Take Exit 13 (Theodore Dawes Road) to US Highway 90. Turn right on US Highway 90 and then left onto Bellingrath Road. Travel south for 6 miles. Turn left onto Bellingrath Gardens Road.

How many miles of pathways are there in Bellingrath Gardens?

Guests are invited to explore two miles of pathways through the Gardens on a self-guided walking tour. Bellingrath Gardens and Home, which first opened to the public in 1932, is the state’s oldest public garden.