Where is Clyde McPhatter from?

Durham, NCClyde McPhatter / Place of birth

How old is Clyde Mcfadden?

39 years (1932–1972)Clyde McPhatter / Age at death

What was Clyde McPhatter biggest hit?

A Lover’s Question
McPhatter saw his biggest hit on Atlantic in 1958 with “A Lover’s Question,” which was a top 10 smash on the pop charts and a #1 seller on the R&B listings. He had three more chart singles in 1959, none of which broke the Top 10.

What year did Clyde McPhatter leave the Drifters?

After serving in the army, McPhatter left the Drifters in 1955 to pursue a solo career—but not before the group had reached number one on the Billboard rhythm-and-blues charts with “Money Honey” (1953) and scored several other hits, including “White Christmas” (1954).

When did Clyde McPhatter died?

June 13, 1972Clyde McPhatter / Date of death

How many of the Drifters are original?

Over 65 years and several eras of Drifters, there have been 60 different vocalists including several splinter groups called the Drifters. The “original” group consisted of Clyde McPhatter, Gerhart Thrasher, Andrew Thrasher, Bill Pickney, and Jimmy Oliver.

Who wrote Drifters songs?

Dion would enjoy a much bigger hit with the latter song in the early ’60s, but it was an important recording for the Drifters, marking their introduction to the talents of songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, who would later take over the job of producing the group.

Are the Drifters still alive?

Bill Pinkney, the last survivor of the original members of the The Drifters, died yesterday (July 4). He was 81.

Is Clyde Mcfadden still alive?

Who is Clyde McPhatter?

Mini Bio (1) Clyde McPhatter was born in Durham, NC, on November 15, 1932, one of six children. The McPhatters moved to New York City in late 1950 and McPhatter,. after singing for a few years with gospel groups, joined Billy Ward’s Dominoes. The Dominoes signed with King Records in 1950 and recorded the chart-topping “Sixty Minute Man”…

What was the cover of Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters?

In 1956, Atlantic released Clyde McPhatter & the Drifters and followed it up with Love Ballads soon after — the latter revealed his and the label’s strategy, with a cover depicting an audience of white teenage girls in tinted overlays, looking on toward the camera excitedly and longingly.

Where is Clyde McPhatter buried?

McPhatter was a resident of Teaneck, New Jersey, at the time of his death. He was buried at George Washington Memorial Park in Paramus, New Jersey. At the time of his death, Clyde McPhatter had one daughter, Deborah L. McPhatter, born in April 1953.

Where did Clyde McPhatter start his gospel group?

The family moved to New Jersey in 1945 and McPhatter formed his first gospel group that year in high school. The McPhatters moved to New York City, and Clyde McPhatter joined the Mount Lebanon Singers, who were one of the most popular gospel groups on the East Coast, and sang with them in the second half of the ’40s.