Where is MEAN WELL located?

MEAN WELL USA, INC. 44030 Fremont Blvd., Fremont, CA 94538, U.S.A.

Is MEAN WELL a good brand?

Meanwell (assuming they are actually made by Meanwell and not counterfeits) are quality controlled by reputable company. They will meet FCC and UL/CSA safety standards and won’t likely burn up or electrocute you without good reason.

Is MEAN WELL power supply good?

MEAN WELL was founded in 1982 and is one of few power supply manufacturers in the world dedicated to manufacturing ‘off the shelf’ power supplies. According to a report by Micro Technology Consultant released in March 2016, MEAN WELL is ranked number 6 globally.

Where are MEAN WELL power supplies made?

With 2,800 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, four production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan), Huadu District in Guangzhou, Suzhou City in China, and …

What is the mean well?

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How do I connect my MEAN WELL power supply?

Connecting the DC Output Voltage w/ Screw Terminals Connect your Mean Well power supply’s output ground wire to one side of the terminal block. Connect the output voltage’s wire to another screw terminal. Connect your load wires to the other side of the Mean Well output voltage.

What is a MEAN WELL driver?

Starting with the PCD-16, a 16 WATT constant current LED driver, Meanwell has drivers that go up to 320 WATTs, LED drivers with dimmers and DCDC constant current drivers, as well as regular constant current drivers. The benefit of a Meanwell LED driver is the guaranteed quality of the manufacturing.

What is well power?

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Can you parallel Meanwell power supplies?

You can connect any two MEAN WELL power supplies in parallel, so long as they have MEAN WELL’s current sharing function. We have had customers suggest that any two power supplies can be connected in parallel, so long as two diodes are used to isolate them.

How do you dim a MEAN WELL driver?

To dim B-Type drivers by applying resistance, you can use a 100K potentiometer. Atreum Lighting offers an encased dimmer module (External Dimmer with Knob). Attach the dimmer by connecting the positive and negative leads to the respective leads on the LED driver.

Why choose Meanwell SMPS?

More Meanwell SMPS is widely used in various types electronic equipment such as communication, medical, IT, lighting billboards and security. Further, this… More We offer quality SMPS POWER SUPPLY that are procured from reputed manufacturers.

What are the brands of SMPS power supply?

We thank you for your time and attention and look forward to receive your valued inquiries. Meanwell power supply, delta power supply, lubi power supply, omron power supply, dolphinautomation power supply. Meanwell SMPS, delta SMPS, lubi SMPS, Omron SMPS, da SMPS.

Is Meanwell a trusted brand?

We are trusted brand in Delhi, India. Connected in manufacturing, distributing and supplying a top-quality collection of Metal Frame Meanwell Type SMP… More

What are the different types of SMPs?

Meanwell SMPS, delta SMPS, lubi SMPS, Omron SMPS, da SMPS. Meanwell – RS-15 / RS-25 / RS-35 / RS-50 / RS-75 / RS-100 / RS-150, RD-35 / RD-50 / RD-65 / RD-85 / RD-125 / RID-50 / RID-65 / RID-85 / RID-125, RT-50 / RT-65 / RT-85 / RT-125, RQ-50 / RQ-65 / RQ-85 / RQ-125.