Where is Mon-Khmer spoken?

The Mon-Khmer languages are spoken over a large scattered area in Mainland Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia); southwestern China; and the eastern part of India and the Nicobar Islands.

What is Austro-Asiatic race?

Early Austroasiatic speakers are estimated to have originated from an lineage, which split from Ancestral East Asians between 25,000 to 15,000 years ago, and were among the first wave to replace distinct Australasian-related groups in Insular Southeast Asia.

Where do they say Mon?

“Mon” is a Jamaican word that’s particularly important to the locals and is often used when talking to anyone, whether it’s a child or adult. The English translation for the Jamaican saying “ya mon” is “no problem” or “okay.” When someone offers you a rum runner, for example, it’s what you might want to say: “Ya mon!”

Are Mon and Khmer the same?

The Mon are mainly concentrated along Thailand’s northern border with Burma (Myanmar) and around Bangkok, while the Khmer live primarily in the eastern provinces of Surin and Srisaket along the Cambodian border. Together they are estimated to number around 1.2 million.

How many branches Mon-Khmer divided?

The family is subclassified into 12 branches: Khasian, Palaungic, Khmuic, Pakanic, Vietic, Katuic, Bahnaric, Khmeric, Pearic, Monic, Aslian, and Nicobarese.

Who are the Austric people?

Austric tribes are found all over India and even in Myanmar, Malaysia and some south-east Asian islands. The three prime Austric tribes are the Santhals, Kolha and Munda tribes. Other Austric tribes are Ho, Birhor and Kharia. The Austric tribes speak eighteen languages.

Are Khmer and Cambodian the same?

The differentiation of being labeled Khmer and Cambodian. Khmer is the ethnicity of the people and Cambodian is the nationality.

What is Mon culture?

The Mon are regarded as a large exporter of Southeast Asian culture. Historically, many cities in Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos today, including Yangon, Bangkok, and Vientiane were founded either by the Mon people or Mon rulers. Nowadays, the Mon are a major ethnic group in Myanmar and a minor ethnic group in Thailand.

What is Mon slang for?

Noun. mon. (slang, used in the vocative) A colloquial means of address of man in places such as Jamaica and Shropshire in England.

Who are the Mon and Khmer people?

How many countries speak Khmer?

Khmer is the official language in Cambodia and is spoken in 3 more countries as monther tongue by a part of the population.