Where is Shantou port?

Guangdong Province
The Port of Shantou is a natural river seaport on the coast of the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. It is the only major port in eastern Guangdong, and the gateway to the Shantou SEZ. In 2012, it had a throughput of 45.6 million tons of cargo, and 1,250,000 TEU of containers.

What ports are in Indonesia?

The 7 designated hub ports are the port of Belawan or Kuala Tanjung, Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Perak, Kijing, Makassar, Bitung, and Sorong.

What is Qingdao port code?


Port Code Port Name Country
CNTAO Qingdao China
CNTAP Taiping China
CNTAS Tangshan China
CNTAY Taiyang China

How many ports are in Jakarta?

The Port of Jakarta contains twenty terminals devoted to general, dry bulk, liquid bulk, and containerized cargoes. Specialized terminals handle oil, chemicals, scrap, and passengers. The Port of Jakarta has quays of a total 16.8 thousand square meters in length with 76 berths.

How many ports does Jakarta have?

The terminals will facilitate two-way ship movement of approximately 300m wide ships. The four port terminals under phase two will have a draft of 16m, and a length of 1,000m each. The terminals will cover an area of 179ha.

Is Ningbo port open?

Ningbo Bluedragon LongXing warehouse operations have been completely suspended until further notice. Ningbo Bluedragon LongFei warehouse operations of cargo inbound and outbound have been open completely. Your supply chain is of the utmost concern to us and we will continue to keep you informed of all developments.

What is Port Code of Nhava Sheva?

INNSA1 port
The Customs Port code list for instance shows Mundra port code as INMUN1 and the code number for Nhava Sheva port code is INNSA1 port code.

What is the biggest port in Indonesia?

Tanjung Priok
Tanjung Priok in Jakarta, currently Indonesia’s biggest port by some margin, is also gearing up to receive mass modernisation. Updating Indonesia’s ports has been a key part of the Widodo administration’s transport policy.