Where was Illegally Yours filmed?

St. Augustine
For three months in 1987, much of St. Augustine was transformed into the backlot of a big-name Hollywood studio. More than three decades later, locals here still talk about the filming of “Illegally Yours,” starring Rob Lowe and directed by the late Peter Bogdanovich, which turned the streets of downtown St.

What is the movie Illegally Yours about?

College dropout Richard Dice (Rob Lowe) doesn’t have much going for him, so getting selected for jury duty is a welcome respite. When he’s selected for a murder trial, Richard discovers, to his shock, that the defendant is none other than Molly Gilbert (Colleen Camp), his elementary-school crush. Richard is positive she didn’t commit the crime, but hard evidence is lacking. To clear her name, he does some extracurricular investigating of his own — with disastrous results.Illegally Yours / Film synopsis

What is Illegally Yours rated?

PGIllegally Yours / MPAA rating

Who produced in lawfully yours?

Corbin Bernsen
Chris Aronoff
In-Lawfully Yours/Producers

What church was in in-lawfully yours?

Bethel Cove
Dove Review “In-Lawfully Yours” is an off-beat but funny romantic comedy about a young woman named Jesse (Chelsey Crisp), who influences the widower-pastor of Bethel Cove after she is divorced from her cheating husband, Chaz.

Who wrote in-lawfully yours?

Robert Kirbyson
Sean Gaffney
In-Lawfully Yours/Screenplay

Where is Bethel Cove?

Bethel Cove, a development of fourteen contemporary styled and environmentally friendly dwellings situated within the Sands Estate, Jeffreys Bay. The development consists of seven single and seven double storey dwellings.

Where can I watch in-lawfully yours?

Right now you can watch In-Lawfully Yours on Amazon Prime. You are able to stream In-Lawfully Yours by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video.