Which is best English to Hindi dictionary app?

The best Hindi to English dictionaries for Android

  • Dictionary Linguee.
  • Google Play Books.
  • Google Translate.
  • Hindi Dictionary.
  • Simply Learn Hindi.
  • Hindi learning apps like Memrise.

Which is the best dictionary book English to Hindi?

Frequently bought together

  • This item: The Oxford Hindi English Dictionary. by Mcgregor Paperback. ₹575.00. Only 2 left in stock.
  • Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary. by S.K. Verma Hardcover. ₹195.00.
  • Hindi-English Expert Translator Hindi se English Translation Mai Step-By-Step Purn Dakshta Ke Liye. by S.C. Gupta Paperback. ₹126.00.

What does the word Ke mean?

Definition of KE (Entry 1 of 2) kinetic energy.

What is a Hinkhoj?

Hinkhoj is a hindi focussed e-learning and translation service startup.

What is the best dictionary app for India?

The best dictionary apps for Android

  • Advanced English Dictionary.
  • Dict.cc.
  • Dict Box Offline Dictionary.
  • Dictionary by The Free Dictionary.
  • Dictionary.com.

How many words are there in Oxford Dictionary in Hindi?

In addition to this, it has more than 100000+ words that is very enough to enhance vocabulary and also has usage of so… Albeit dictionary is good and easy to use but it should have other features like synonyms, antonyms and audio pronunciation. If developer incorporate as noted, I will rate it 5 star.

How many words are there in Oxford English Hindi dictionary?

With over 25,000 words and phrases, the Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary offers comprehensive coverage of everyday vocabulary. Each English headword is translated into Hindi, and expressions and phrases illustrate how words are used in context.

What is the Kr?

Kill Ratio. The abbreviation KR is used in gaming to illustrate how many enemies a player kills before being killed. The “Kill Ratio” is expressed in a format, such as 2/1 or 2:1. In many games, the KR is a valid indicator of a player’s skills.

What is the meaning of PE?

physical education
In schools, PE is a lesson in which pupils do physical exercises or sport. PE is an abbreviation for ‘physical education’.