Which is the latest edition of Head First Python?

Head First Python: A Brain-Friendly Guide Paperback – 1 December 2016

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Is Head First Python a good book for beginners?

I highly recommend this and Head First Programming as a way to get started with web and cloud based computing. The book is excellent for a novice and also very useful for someone like me who has not programmed for 25 years and is just curious about this as a hobby.

Is Head First books good?

And it really is brain-friendly: you learn faster, better, and with less effort. Head First books are amazing for beginner programmers. In this article, we’re talking about 5 great Head First books. Head First books are all quality.

Is Head First Java still relevant?

There is no doubt that Head First Java is a bit outdated and doesn’t cover the latest features from recent Java releases, particularly Java 8 features, but it’s still a great book to learn Java for complete beginners.

What is the latest edition of Head First Java?

The book focuses on Java 5.0, the latest version of the Java development platform, along with certain deep code-levels. From basic programming fundamentals to advanced topics, including threads, distributed programming with RMI and network sockets, the book covers almost all major Java concepts.

Is Head First Java outdated 2021?

Is Head First Java for beginners?

Head First Java covers the essential Java programming knowledge about class, object, thread, collection, and language features, like Generics, Enums, variable arguments, or auto-boxing. They also have some advanced section on Swing, networking, and Java IO, which makes them a complete package for Java beginners.

Is Head First Java worth it?

It got me through a second year university level course on OOP and Java, so yes, I would highly recommend it. It’s brilliant, even if dated. Learning about Swing is not going to ruin you if you ever need to use JavaFX.

Is Head First Java good for beginners?

For beginners, Head First Java is still the best book to get started, and for the advanced Java developer, Effective Java is a nice book to start with.

Is Head First Java enough?

No. If you are going to refer any book then you should always go with the latest edition, many things have been changed since Java 5.0.

Is Head First Java 2nd Edition outdated?

Is Java head-first outdated?