Which is the most powerful post in IPS?

The IPS officer becomes the Director-General of police of the state. On the other hand, an IPS officer can also be the director of CBI, RAW, and IB in the central government. Also, IPS can be promoted as National Security Adviser.

Who is the most popular IPS officer?

10 Best IPS Officer In India in the Last 50 Years

  • Vinod Kumar Chaubey. While serving in Chhattisgarh, Vinod Kumar Chaubey led his team to attack the Naxals.
  • Mohan Chandh Sharma. M. C.
  • Hemant Karkare.
  • Ashok Kamte.
  • Vijay Salaskar.
  • Ajit Kumar Doval.
  • Shivdeep Waman Lanbe.

Who is the most famous IPS officers in India?

Shivdeep Lande. Starsunfolded. Shivdeep Waman Lande is an IPS Officer since 2006.

  • Sachin Atulkar. Instagram/Sachin Atulkar.
  • Manu Maharaj. Biharpost.
  • Gaurav Tiwari. TOI.
  • Sanjukta Parashar. Starsunfolded.
  • Sonia Narang. Syskool.
  • Shrestha Thakur. Shrestha Thakur.
  • Sangeeta Kalia. Babushahi.
  • What are some police sayings?

    19 Phrases That Only Police Officers Will Understand

    • “War suit,” “War bag,” “The bag,” and “Back in the bag”
    • “Light up”
    • “Street Justice”
    • FIDO.
    • “On the box”
    • “Drop a dime”
    • To turn someone in to the police, often to cover yourself.
    • “Cherry patch,” “Duck pond,” or “Cash register”

    How long is IPS training?

    11 months
    There are four parts to the training imparted to the IPS recruits: Foundation Course (3 months): LBSNAA, Mussoorie. Phase I training (Basic Course – 11 months): Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy (SVPNPA), Hyderabad. District Practical Training (6 months): at the respective cadre.

    Which college is best for IPS?

    UPSC Pathshala- Online Most Thriving Platform

    • Plutus IAS Academy- Hyderabad. Plutus IAS Academy is Hyderabad’s best IAS Coaching in India.
    • Vedanta IAS Academy- Delhi.
    • Analog Institute- Bangalore.
    • Apti Plus Academy- Kolkata.