Which logo is best for YouTube channel?

21 YouTube Channel Logo Design Ideas

Red YouTube Pillow Logo Astronaut TV YouTube Logo
VR Gaming Logo Vicotry Games Logo
Tiger Gaming Logo Black Owl Gaming Logo
Music YouTube Channel Logo Dog YouTube Channel Logo
Tech TV Channel Logo Pet TV Channel Logo

How do I get a good logo for my YouTube channel?

Step 3: Find The Perfect YouTube Channel Logo And Customize It

  1. Use one or two brand colors at most.
  2. Choose the colors that best represent your YouTube channel.
  3. Use one or two fonts at most.
  4. Consider sans serif fonts for their readability.
  5. Avoid overcrowding the logo with too many elements.
  6. Build a simple yet strong design.

What do Youtubers use to make their logos?

You can use a logo in PNG (with transparent background) and JPG raster formats for your YouTube channel. Perhaps in the future, you will use your logo for other sorts of advertising, so you need to save it in the vector formats too ( it allows you to scale a logo to any size without loss of quality).

Is PewDiePie an icon?

The stylized light blue brofist with only four fingers is placed on a dark blue background with a gray outline, repeating the contours of the letter “P”. Looking like a road sign, the icon became truly iconic and today is synonymous with the famous channel.

Which Colour is best for YouTube logo?

Cool colours like blue, green, purple and pinkish-violet are calm, visually appealing and go easy on the eyes. Whereas warm colour like red, orange and yellow hit your eyes. YouTubers try to make their branding as colourful as possible to make their videos pop on screen.

Does YouTube have a new logo?

A new design will appear on the site every Monday, with Brazil-based artist Leandro Assis’s interpretation adorning the homepage at the start of this week. Assis’s logo (below) features the familiar red play button, but with stylised ‘BHM’ lettering replacing the standard YouTube wordmark.

Why is PewDiePie red and black?

In 2016 PewDiePie starts using a red and black square with a psychedelic pattern as a part of its visual identity. The plain red background has numerous smooth black lines, which are slightly curved and smooth ended, to create a sense of movement and floating, reminding of the Dali melting clocks.

What color attracts YouTube Views?

How To Use Colour Psychology In Your YouTube Branding To Attract Viewers. Use plenty of blue in your thumbnails if you want to get more clicks to your video. Blue makes viewers trust you and prompts viewers into making impulse decision in the spur of the moment.

Which two color combination is best?

So, we suggest you some of the best two colour combination ideas for your bedroom walls and the exact paint colours to recreate it.

  • Indigo and White.
  • Brown and Cream.
  • Lavender and Off-white.
  • Light Blue and Radiant Yellow.
  • Shades of Grey.
  • Light brown and Muted Green.
  • Lime Green and Wisely Pink.
  • Peach and White.

How to create a logo for your YouTube channel?

Open Canva If you haven’t already signed up for Canva,you can do so with your Facebook or Google account.

  • Choose a professional template Browse through Canva’s massive library of logo templates to customize for your own.
  • Customize your logo design Ensure your logo is truly on brand by tweaking everything about the design.
  • How to add your channel logo on your YouTube video?

    YouTube watermark allows you to add logo on YouTube video by its Branding tool. With only three steps, you can finish adding channel logo on YouTube videos. 1. Go to YouTube homepage and choose “My Channel”. 2. Select “Video Manager” 3. Click “Channel” and hit “Branding”. Then you can add your channel logo on your YouTube videos.

    How to create channel logo?

    Set the mood with the right colors. Your brand colors communicate the essence of your brand.

  • Make it iconic. A great logo builds recognition and inspires trust.
  • Make it pixel perfect. Now that you’ve designed a logo that you love,you’ll want to use it everywhere.
  • Collaborate with your team. Canva is built to help you grow your brand.
  • How to make logos YouTube?

    Open the video you want to edit in the YouTube Studio video editor.

  • Click “Trim” under the video preview.
  • Drag the blue bars on the left and right edge of the video timeline to set the start and endpoint of the video.
  • In the bar at the bottom of the screen,click “Preview” to see the change.