Who is Azarias in the Bible?

Azariah (Hebrew: עֲזַרְיָה ‘Ǎzaryāh, “Yah has helped”) is the name of several people in the Hebrew Bible and Jewish history, including: Abednego, the new name given to Azariah who is the companion of Daniel, Hananiah, and Mishael in the Book of Daniel (Daniel 1:6–7)

Where is Azarias in the Bible?

Azariah (Hebrew: עֲזַרְיָה‎ ‘Ǎzaryā, “Yah has helped”) was a prophet described in 2 Chronicles 15. The Spirit of God is described as coming upon him (verse 1), and he goes to meet King Asa of Judah to exhort him to carry out a work of reform.

What is the meaning of Azariah in the Bible?

helped by God
Azariah is a masculine name of Hebrew origin. Meaning “helped by God,” the name is bestowed to many figures within the bible, from guardian angels to high priests.

Is Azariah a good name?

A beautiful Hebrew name, Azariah is on the rise. She has a stunning sound and a glorious meaning, two things that always make a great name.

Is Azariah an angel?

The text is based on a series of “dictations” which Valtorta attributed to her guardian angel, Azariah. In the book Valtorta does not provide a specific biblical reference to Azariah himself, but simply refers to him as her guardian angel. The name Azariah, from Hebrew, means the Lord’s help.

Is Azariah a Islamic name?

Azariah is Arabic/Muslim Boy name and meaning of this name is “One who Hears the Lord”.

Who was the father of Uzziah?

Amaziah of JudahUzziah / Father

What is the meaning of Azar?

Azar means fire in Persian.

What does Azarias mean in Hebrew?

Hebrew. From the Hebrew azariah, meaning “helped by God”.

What does the name Azalea meaning?

English. From the English flower name which is from the Greek azaleos, meaning “dry”. The flowering shrub Azalea is part of the Rhododendron family. 1. Determined and independent, 1s are born leaders headed for success.

What does ♀ Azaria mean?

♀ Azaria. What does Azaria mean? Azaria ▲ as a girls’ name (also used less widely as boys’ name Azaria) is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Azaria is “helped by God”.

What does Azariah mean in the Bible?

From the male biblical name Azariah. Used occasionally in England from the 17th century, probably in honor of the biblical prophet who recalled King Asa to a proper observance of religion. The name is borne by a number of minor male characters in the Bible. The -a ending makes it suitable for a girl’s name in the modern English-speaking world.

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What are some similar names to Azaria?

Similar Names. Azaria▲ is alike in pronunciation to Aesara, Azora, Azzura, Azzurra and Ozara. Other recommended sound-alike names are Acacia, Acadia, Adalia, Adara, Adoria, Adria, Aegeria, Agacia, Agafia, Akira, Akyra, Alagria, Alaia▲, Alarica, Amadia, Amaia, Amalia▲, Amara▲, Amari▲, Amariah, Amaris▲, Amarit, Amarra,…