Who is Beowulf son?

the dragon

What is the moral of Beowulf?

The moral of Beowulf is that it is better to die young with heroism and virtue than to grow to a ripe old age being cowardly and avoiding your responsibilities. Beowulf shows great courage and fortitude as he protects the community by fighting Grendel, Grendel’s mother, and the dragon Wiglaf.

Does the dragon in Beowulf have a name?

Dæghrefn – a Frankish warrior killed by Beowulf. The Dragon – beast (Old English, wyrm) that ravages Beowulf’s kingdom and which Beowulf must slay at the end of the poem. It is the cause of Beowulf’s death. Eadgils – a Swedish king also mentioned extensively in the Norse sagas.

Why is Beowulf an epic hero essay?

An epic hero is the central figure who has superior qualities and risks personal danger to pursue a grand quest. Beowulf is a great epic hero because he performs many brave deeds such as risking his life for the greater good of society, and is significant and glorified by all people.

What does Grendel look like?

Although Grendel looks something like a man — having two arms (or claws), two legs, and one head — he is much larger and can defeat dozens of men at a time. He is protected from man’s weapons by a magic charm. The passage describing Grendel’s ascent from the fen (710-727) is one of the finest in Anglo-Saxon poetry.

What does Beowulf call the Dragon?

He says he is the only one capable of defeating the dragon and asks that they wait for him to either win the battle or die. 7. Beowulf calls the dragon by roaring out a battle cry at the entrance to the tower.

Why is Grendel’s mother important?

Grendel’s mother, like her son, is a mysterious humanoid creature. For this reason, some readers have seen Grendel’s mother as an embodiment of ancient Northern European society’s tendency toward unending blood-feuds. Other readers have suggested that she represents the suffering of women under the bloodfeud system.

What makes Beowulf a hero essay?

Beowulf embodies the qualities of bravery, being powerful, and demonstrating his honor; therefore, he can be considered a true hero. A way Beowulf demonstrates his heroism is the way he stays true to the Geats by honoring them.