Who is currently presenting BBC News?

BBC News Channel

Presenter Programme(s)
Ben Mundy BBC News, BBC World News
Clive Myrie BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers, BBC News with Katty and Christian
James Reynolds BBC News, BBC World News, The Papers
Kate Silverton BBC News

How old is Misha Hussein?

49 years (February 11, 1973)Mishal Husain / Age

What happened to Kate Silverton?

Silverton returned to the BBC News in July 2015 after maternity leave, and was seconded to BBC Radio 4. She returned from her secondment in April 2016. Silverton has now left the BBC. Her last appearance was on 5 June 2021.

What age is Clive Myrie?

57 years (August 25, 1964)Clive Myrie / Age

What nationality is Michelle Hussain?

BritishMishal Husain / Nationality

Does Katya Adler have a PHD?

Adler was awarded honorary doctorates from Bristol University (LL. D) and the University of London (D. Litt) in July 2017. She was awarded the Charles Wheeler award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcast Journalism in 2019.

Who is Kate Silverton husband?

Mike HeronKate Silverton / Husband (m. 2010)

Who are the presenters of BBC World News?

BBC World News: Meet The Team 1 Jon Sopel, Presenter, Global with Jon Sopel. Jon Sopel is a presenter and correspondent on the BBC News channel and BBC One in the UK and a lead anchor on 2 Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent. 3 Yalda Hakim, Presenter and Correspondent. 4 Stephen Sackur, Presenter, HARDtalk.

Who are the BBC World News America hosts in the US?

Katty Kay – Washington (BBC World News America Presenter) Laura Trevelyan – New York City (BBC World News America Presenter) Kim Ghattas – Washington; Barbara Plett-Usher – Washington (State Department) Nick Bryant – New York City; Chris Buckler- Washington; Sophie Long – Los Angeles; David Willis – Los Angeles / Washington

Who presents the lunchtime bulletin on BBC News 24?

The lunchtime bulletin is presented by the on-duty BBC News Channel presenter during the scheduled bulletin. Maxine Mawhinney was the long term presenter from 2006 until 2015. Following a reshuffle, BBC News 24 launch presenter Gavin Esler became the main presenter until his departure from the channel in early 2017.

Who is the chief international correspondent for BBC News?

Lyse Doucet, Chief International Correspondent. Lyse Doucet is an award-winning Chief International Correspondent and Senior Presenter for BBC World News television and BBC World Service Radio.