Who is Fatmagul in real life?

Engin Akyürek
Born 12 October 1981 Ankara, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Education Ankara University
Occupation Actor

Is Fatmagul a real story?

Fatmagul reminds me of the real life story of Mukhtara Mai, a Pakistani rape victim. I suggest that readers research on her story before watching Fatmagul.

Who does Fatmagul end up with?

Later on, a lawyer and parents of these rich rapists pressurized Fatmagul to marry Kerim, by bribing her sister in law. Fatmagul had a fiance named Mustafa who wants revenge for all of this. This lead to the couple- Fatmagul and Kerim- leaving their hometown, and moving to Istanbul.

What language is Fatmagul?

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?/Languages

What is the mistake of Fatmagul?

Fatmagul Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul’s Fault?) is a story based on novel. The series revolves around Fatmagul (Beren) and Kerim (Engin) who are the lead characters. Fatmagul who is a small town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Where is Fatmagul filmed?

The series What is Fatmagül’s fault? is shot among the holiday resorts of Urla and Çeşme in İzmir. You can see many attractions, towns, and streets in Urla and Çeşme. The series then moves to Göksu, one of the promenade areas of Istanbul.

Who is Mustafa in Fatmagul?

Firat Celik AKA Mustafa
#Didyouknow that Firat Celik AKA Mustafa in Fatmagul started his modelling career at 19 before becoming an actor!

How many episodes of Fatma are there?

6Fatma / Number of episodes

Does Fatmagul get pregnant?

Fatmagül became pregnant after the rape and Kerim, who did not want to be together with her because she was soiled, learns about this and had the baby fall by beating Fatmagül. After the baby falls, fatmagül (Hülya Avsar) does not complain about it again and Kerim begins to feel deep regret.

How many episodes is Fatma?

What is Fatmagul’s crime?

Fatmagül is gang-raped. The four boys are shown to be involved in the crime as she faints when Kerim comes on her. The next morning, a traumatized Fatmagül is discovered by Ebe Nine while she is picking herbs. The four boys have already left the crime scene.

Does Fatmagul have happy ending?

Kerim and Fatmagul get married (again) midst a joyous celebration. All of their family members, near and dear ones and of course Media are present to bless them and cheer for them. Finally Kerim and Fatmagul unite (for ever), leaving behind all odds of their lives.