Who is Mito?

The MITO Corporation has been providing electronics to the RV, Marine, and Bus manufacturing industries since 1974. While many of our products are not for retail purchase, those that are available will show a price. However you can also see all retail products here at MITO DIRECT.

Why choose Mito for your aftermarket needs?

Our in-house service department handles any and all warranty issue if they arise. MITO’s goal is to offer quality products from quality vendors. We are proud to represent to the Automotive Aftermarket industry what are traditionally Original Equipment products.

Why choose Mito Corporation for your RV?

When it comes to Mobile Entertainment, WiFi Connectivity, ADAS Safety Systems, Dash Solutions, look no further. MITO Corporation carries the best lineup available to the RV industry.

What is the current position of Mito?

The current position of MITO is at North Sea (coordinates 53.59483 N / 8.51417 E) reported 0 min ago by AIS. The vessel is en route to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany, sailing at a speed of 3.4 knots and expected to arrive there on Dec 10, 12:30 .

What are the mechanical properties of the A206?

Mechanical Properties: The mechanical properties and heat treat on the A206 are defined by the SAE Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS). Produced as sand & permanent mold castings and available in two tempers, T4 and T7.

Why choose the a206g?

With no unnecessary bells and whistles, the A206G’s practical design make it the perfect way to stay in touch with your friends and family any day of the year. Would you like to tell us about a lower price?


What is the mitopro series?

Available only from Mito Red, the patent-pending MitoPRO series incorporates the four most bio-active wavelengths 630nm / 660nm (Red) and 830nm / 850nm (Near Infrared). This unique configuration drives enhanced efficacy by delivering increased light energy at the parts of the spectra which maximize cytochrome c oxidase activation.

What is Mito red?

With Mito Red your body receives a FULL therapeutic spectrum of Red and NIR just as nature intended! Red light is absorbed by the skin, boosting collagen production & aiding skin conditions. Near Infrared penetrates deeper aiding muscle recovery, cellular renewal and joint pain.

Why choose Mito LED panels?

Our professional diagnostic testing provides better informed usage guidelines and product safety. Our Mito Red Original and MitoMOD Series with ESPEO, deliver light energy across the entire spectrums of Red (620-700nm with peak at 660nm) and NIR (800-900nm with peak at 850nm). These quality LED panels deliver high irradiance on a budget.