Who is the model in the Kia commercial?

Christina Hendricks Is The Girl In The Kia TV Commercials [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Who is in the new Kia commercial?

Sam Page, the actor who stars in Kia’s new commercial with Robo Dog, has welcomed the adorable robot to his family! The 45-year-old actor took to Instagram after the 2022 Super Bowl to share a photo of his family posing with the adorable Robo Dog.

Who is the woman in the halleen Kia commercial?

Still, to most Clevelanders, LaForce is that girl from the Halleen Kia commercials. The 30-second spots are the sole source of grocery store selfies, unwanted outfit critiques and fan rumors, LaForce says.

Who are the girls on the Kia of Cape Coral commercial?

Caroline Renfro, also known as just “Caroline,” has returned to screens for those local Kia commercials. She stepped away from her role back in 2017. Billy Fuccillo then held a contest to replace Caroline and picked McKinzie Roth.

Did Kia sell fuccillo?

In late 2020 the Fuccillo Kia dealerships in Cape Coral and Port Charlotte were sold to a Delaware-based corporation, LMP Automotive Holdings.

Is the dog in the Kia commercial real?

The push is inspired by Robo Dog, the main character of the brand’s big game ad. During the spot, a robot dog escapes an electronics store and chases a man driving the all-electric Kia EV6. By the end of the commercial, the driver has adopted Robo Dog.

Is the robot dog in the Kia commercial real?

Kia’s campaign is more than a commercial—it’s about real-life human-animal bonding. Something called the “Robo Dogmented Reality,” which is a mobile web experience in partnership with the Petfinder Foundation, virtualizes pet adoption so people can search for adoptable animals in their area.

Who are the halleen Kia guys?

Mark and Eric Halleen
One of the biggest projects on the North Olmsted Automile belongs to Mark and Eric Halleen. The brothers are renovating an old Chevrolet store into a brand-new Kia Image dealership.

Who owns halleen Kia?

Eric Halleen
Halleen Kia, located on U.S. 250 near Kalahari between Ohio 2 and the turnpike, has opened as Erie County’s newest car dealership. Three of the Halleens at work. From left, owner Mark Halleen, new car sales manager Patrick Halleen and owner Eric Halleen.

Is Caroline fuccillo daughter?

1) looks like a more youthful version of the Caroline we see wearing that less-than-flattering black dress in the latest Fuccillo commercials. She is not Tom Parks’ daughter. He has two sons. Billy, on the other hand, has a son (we’ve heard him mention the young man in the commercials).

Why did Caroline leave Kia?

“Caroline was on vacation for two weeks. That’s why she wasn’t on the commercials,” Fuccillo said via telephone from Syracuse, N.Y., where his huge auto empire is based. “So, the girl that fills in on our infomercials filled in for her while she was on vacation.”

Is Billy Fuccillo ill?

Fuccillo died in his Florida home on June 17, 2021, after months of declining health and battling a long-term illness.