Who is the Muppet with the long hair?

Beaker (Muppet)

Created by Jim Henson
Voiced by Richard Hunt (1977–1991) Steve Whitmire (1992–2016) David Rudman (2017–present) Other: Frank Welker (Muppet Babies) Matt Danner (Muppet Babies 2018)
Performed by Richard Hunt (1977–1991) Steve Whitmire (1992–2016) David Rudman (2017–present)
In-universe information

What is Janice the Muppet?

Janice is the lead guitar player in The Electric Mayhem on The Muppet Show. She also portrays Nurse Janice in Veterinarian’s Hospital, and appears in various other sketches, frequently as a chorus member. She is occasionally seen in the orchestra during the fifth season of the show.

Who is the female Muppet?

The best known female Muppet, Miss Piggy is a bold as brass diva. She’s in the number 2 slot for being completely iconic but she’s also a selfish demanding bully. She thinks only of her own beauty, possessions and reputation. She will luxuriate in style while the rest of the Muppets make do with very little.

Are Floyd and Janice a couple?

They were first romantic in The Muppet Movie when Floyd calls Janice “momma” and “my woman;” he rushed to her defense and told the others not to yell at her in The Muppets Take Manhattan, and the two of them presented Muppet Music together in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years.

WHO IS DR teeth based on?

The character of Dr. Teeth is partially based on Dr. John. Jim Henson’s original sketch for the character (reproduced in Jim Henson’s Designs and Doodles) shows the good Doctor as a large, bearded man with sunglasses, a white suit and a wide-brimmed hat.

Who was the hippie girl Muppet?

Janice was originally performed by Fran Brill in 1975 and in the first set of Muppet Meeting Films. Eren Ozker performed Janice in the first season of The Muppet Show. Richard Hunt took over the character in season two and gave Janice her familiar Valley girl voice and attitude.

Was Dr. Teeth based on Dr John?

Who was the first female Muppet?

Abby Cadabby
Meet Abby Cadabby, the newest resident on Sesame Street — and the first leading female character on the venerable children’s show. Sesame Street’s got a new girl on the block: Abby Cadabby. The 3-year-old muppet fairy will be the long-running PBS children’s show first leading female character.

WHO IS Dr. Teeth based on?

Is Dr. Teeth based on Dr John?

Who is Floyd Pepper based on?

Floyd’s costume and last name are a reference to the Beatles’ album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and he lists his musical influences as including Fats Waller, Fats Domino, Minnesota Fats and David “Fathead” Newman….