Who is the owner of Arla?

dairy farmers
Because Arla is owned by dairy farmers, there are 15 farmers on Arla’s Board and 179 farmers on the Board of Representatives. These are elected through a democratic process, where every farmer owner has one vote.

What country is Arla from?

Arla Landmarks The Arla history dates back to 1881 when the first dairies in Denmark and Sweden were founded.

Where is Arla Foods located?

Arla Foods amba is a Danish-Swedish multinational cooperative based in Viby, Denmark, and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, and the largest dairy in the United Kingdom.

How many countries does Arla operate in?

32 countries
Arla Foods is also the world’s largest producer of organic dairy products. The company operates in 32 countries worldwide, with services and products delivered through its 38 offices, 50 dairy operations, 15 distribution operations and 4 ingredient operations.

Where is Arla milk Made?

Arla Foods is today owned by approximately 10,600 milk producers in Denmark and Sweden.

Is Arla milk British?

Through Express Dairies plc we can trace our roots back to 1864 when George Barham, the son of a London dairyman, formed the Express Country Milk Supply Company, near Kings Cross Station in London.

Is Arla a British company?

Arla Foods Ltd is a major dairy products company in the United Kingdom, based in Leeds, and a subsidiary of the Swedish-Danish Arla Foods Group.

Where is Arla milk produced?

Arla foods dates back to the 1880s, when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products, creating new opportunities for business growth. Today we have farmer owners in seven countries across Europe.

Where does Arla milk come from?

Does Arla use British milk?

Arla is looking to further expand its UK milk pool and, as a result, the Arla Foods amba farmer board has agreed to re-open recruitment to secure a further 300 million litres of milk in 2014, in addition to the three billion litres already supplied by UK farmer owners.

Is Arla real milk?

Our fresh dairy milk is naturally nutritious and we transform it into hundreds of delicious dairy products to help you enjoy a healthier life. The milk from our farmers’ cows is the main ingredient of Arla’s dairy products.

Can adults drink Arla big milk?

Arla Big Milk is simply fresh cow’s milk that’s enriched with essential nutrients to help fuel your child’s amazing adventure from little to big person. Arla Big Milk is fortified to contribute to your child’s normal growth and development aged 1+ however is also suitable for adults too!