Who lives at Cranlana?

Key Features

  • 2020 marks the 100-year anniversary of Cranlana, the Toorak home and garden of the late Sidney and Merlyn Myer.
  • The property is still owned and loved by the family, but now operates as the centre of a non-for-profit organisation fostering leadership.

Where does PM stay in Melbourne?

The Lodge and Kirribilli House are nationally significant heritage properties owned by the Commonwealth of Australia. They are furnished, maintained and renovated to safeguard their national heritage and provide safe and appropriate accommodation for the Prime Minister, including for the purpose of hosting events.

Who owns Cranlana in Toorak?

the Myer family
Cranlana has remained in the Myer family for nearly 100 years. At each session, there will be talks by both the head gardener and a garden expert who will provide insights on the design and plantings. There will be an opportunity for visitors to enjoy the garden at their leisure.

Who owns 39 St Georges Toorak?

Harry Stamoulis
The Toorak monolith, which is rumoured to have cost up to $70 million, is nearing completion after three years and the efforts of an army of high-end tradesmen. The behemoth is owned by property developer and former Gold Medal softdrink scion Harry Stamoulis, and is Australia’s largest residential construction.

Who owns Stonington mansion?

In February 2018, Rod Menzies sold the mansion for $52 million to a Chinese buyer, eclipsing the state’s previous $40 million record for a Toorak home, making it the most expensive house in the state.

Does the prime minister have a house in Melbourne?

It is located at 5 Adelaide Avenue in the suburb of Deakin, a short distance away from Parliament House. The Lodge is one of two official prime ministerial residences, the secondary official residence being Kirribilli House in Sydney.

Who lives at the lodge?

The Lodge, Australia

The Lodge
Current tenants Prime Minister Scott Morrison, when in Canberra
Construction started 1926
Completed 1927
Design and construction

Who owns Government House?

Government House, Sydney

Government House
Completed 1847
Owner The Queen in Right of New South Wales (via the Department of Premier and Cabinet)
Design and construction
Architect Mortimer Lewis Edward Blore

Who bought 9 towers Road Toorak?

It surpassed the previous record price of $26.25 million achieved last year when Netflow managing director Phil Dreaver bought the modern 9 Towers Road mansion from property developer Daniel Besen (the son of tycoon Marc Besen) and his wife Danielle Besen, who have separated.

How much is Stamoulis worth?

In 2019, he was ranked 99th of the 200, with his current wealth standing at $798 million. The Stamoulis are best known in the community for their family-owned Hellenic Museum in Melbourne.

Who lives in the lodge?

Who lives at Kirribilli House?

Scott Morrison

Kirribilli House
Current tenants Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia and family
Completed 1855
Design and construction
Architect Adolphus Frederic Feez

When was the Cranlana mansion built?

The Cranlana mansion, which sits on one of the biggest residential blocks in Toorak, was built in 1903 – but substantially extended and remodelled around 1929, after it was bought by businessman and… The map created by people like you! “Cranlana Mansion” Home of the Myer family (Greater Melbourne)

Will the Myer family make their Toorak mansion Cranlana house available?

The Myer family this week confirmed that, over many years, they have held discussions about making their grand Toorak mansion Cranlana House available for visiting prime ministers and governors general. Head gardener Anna Thompson and Myer family members Lady Marigold Southey and Lindy Shelmerdine in the Cranlana garden.

How much is Coonac’s Cranlana mansion worth?

Cranlana Mansion, at 62 Clendon Rd, Toorak, is estimated to be worth more than $100m. It was purchased by Sidney Myer, founder of the Myer department stores, in 1920. Former Essendon Football Club chairman Paul Little bought Toorak’s seven-bedroom, six-bathroom 154-year-old Coonac mansion in 2002 for $14.5m.

Where is Cranlana in Toorak?

In Clendon Road, Toorak, hidden behind beautifully crafted and architecturally designed gates and fence, is Cranlana. It is considered to be one of the finest gardens in Victoria and was the home of Sidney Myer, Dame Merlyn Myer and their family.