Who made Soul City?

leader Floyd B. McKissick
Conceived by civil rights leader Floyd B. McKissick, Soul City began with high expectations but ended in disappointment. Floyd B. McKissick, a World War II veteran and graduate of the University of North Carolina law school, was one of the first to embrace the “black power” movement.

When was Soul City created?

Civil rights activist turned developer, Floyd B. McKissick, secured funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1972 to create Soul City as one of HUD’s 14 New Towns.

Which city is known as Soul City?

In rural eastern North Carolina’s Warren County, at the site of a former slave plantation about 60 miles northeast of Durham, McKissick envisioned the community he called Soul City. McKissick worked quickly to put his plan into action.

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What happened to Soul City in Raleigh?

Soul City. Floyd McKissick. Image courtesy of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History, Raleigh, NC. Soul City was a failed attempt to build a majority black community in the heart of rural North Carolina. Conceived by civil rights leader Floyd B. McKissick, Soul City began with high expectations but ended in disappointment.

Why was Soul City built in North Carolina?

It was meant as an alternative to crowded urban slums and sterile suburbs. McKissick wanted Soul City to be a mixed-use town, with houses, factories, and stores in one convenient location. He chose to build his self-styled utopia in one of America’s poorest counties: Warren County, North Carolina.

How many black people lived in Soul City?

As of 1977 Soul City had only 80 black and 15 white residents. The Department of Housing and Urban Development, after studying the problem, decided to pull its support for Soul City in 1979. Though Soul City survived—today it is a small community with several hundred inhabitants—McKissick’s dream was dead.

What is it like to live in Soul City?

V isit Soul City, North Carolina, today, and you won’t find much: an abandoned health-care clinic stripped by vandals; a pool and recreation center with a no trespassing sign; a 1970s subdivision with streets that are cracked and crumbling; and an industrial plant that has been converted into a prison.