Who makes MoorMan feed?

By the late 1990s, ADM purchased MoorMan’s®—a family-run business established in 1885 focusing on high-quality, researched-based products for the animal feed industry. This acquisition was followed by the purchase of Consolidated Nutrition®, which included SuperSweet®, Master Mix® and Tindle Feeds® brands.

How do you feed a MoorBody?

Feed 0.5 to 2 pounds of MoorBody to developing show pigs when extra body fill or cover is desired. MoorBody should be fed with 2 to 4 pounds of a ShowTec Developer feed. The amount of MoorBody used will depend on the level of fill or cover needed.

How big does a show pig pen need to be?

Inside a barn or shed, plan for at least 50 square feet per pig. Ideally, your pig pen would be twice as long as it is wide. An 8- by 16-foot pen would be enough so two feeder pigs could stretch their legs. Pigs kept indoors should be protected from drafts but must also have good ventilation.

What does ADM produce?

Its products include ingredients used in the food and beverage industry including sweeteners, starch, syrup, glucose (dextrose). Dextrose and starch are used by the Corn Processing segment as feedstocks for its bioproducts operations.

What is roughage buster?

Roughage Buster is a uniquely designed supplement designed to provide crude protein, scientifically formulated major and trace minerals, plus vitamins A, D and E to cattle on pasture or high roughage rations.

How do you feed sunglo explode?

To achieve the 4.5 gram per ton level, feed 4 oz of Explode™ with 5.75 lbs. of complete feed (which is 6 total pounds of product ingested) once per day or split between two feedings. To achieve the 9-gram level, feed 8 oz of Explode along with 5.5 lbs of complete feed once per day or split between two feedings.

Can you feed show pigs beet pulp?

Pigs are going to consume a certain amount of feed each day. When adding any amount of beet pulp you will reduce the amount of complete feed consumed. Beet pulp will add more spring of rib but when added into their diet you may see a decrease in weight gain compared to when they were eating just feed.

How do you make a PVC pig feeder?

Drill 15 or 20 small drain holes along the bottom of the troughs to keep the feed dry. Use the saw to cut two, 4-inch long slits in one end of each PVC pipe. These slits allow the feed to flow down and fill up the trough as the hogs eat. Set two PVC sections inside each trough, approximately 6 inches from each end.

Do show pigs need to be on concrete?

5. Necessary for Show Pigs. The Pig Site actually recommends raising show pigs on concrete whenever possible. It advises that it should have a 1 or 2% slope toward a drainage area and be finished with a machine trowel.

How many pigs should be kept together?

Do not keep more than five gilts or sows in one pen. Gilts and sows should not be kept in the same pen. An area of about 5 m2 per pig is required. Therefore, to house five pigs a pen with an area of approximately 25 m2 is required.