Who was Marie van Goethem?

Born in 1865, Marie van Goethem was a junior dancer of the Paris Opéra when Edgar Degas (1834-1917) sculpted her as “The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” (“La petite Danseuse de quatorze ans”).

Where is the original Little Dancer statue?

the National Gallery of Art
The original wax sculpture at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

Why was the public not appreciative of Degas Little Dancer Aged Fourteen?

The sculpture was not so warmly received when she first appeared. The critics protested almost unanimously that she was ugly, but had to acknowledge the work’s astonishing realism as well as its revolutionary nature.

When was the little dancer sculpted?

1879–1881Little Dancer of Fourteen Years / Created

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Where is the original Little Dancer by Degas?

National Gallery of Art (since 1999)Little Dancer of Fourteen Years / Location

How was the little fourteen year old dancer made?

The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer was the only sculpture Degas exhibited in his lifetime. Degas first made this sculpture from wax. After he died, Degas’s family sent the wax figure to a factory that made bronze casts of the sculpture, so it would be preserved forever.

Where is Edgar Degas from?

Paris, FranceEdgar Degas / Place of birth

What is the history behind the sculpture of the Little Fourteen Year Old Dancer?

The sculpture has been modeled after a fourteen-year-old girl named Marie van Goethem. She lived in Paris and joined the Paris Opera Ballet to escape the poverty of her family. Degas was a frequent visitor at the ballet school and watched their classes and performances.

What is the little fourteen year old dancer made of?

Little Dancer of Fourteen Years/Media

What was Degas Little Dancer of Fourteen Years originally made from?

beeswax skin
Degas’s original sculpture (above, left) was made of unorthodox materials: tinted beeswax skin, a human-hair wig, a cotton bodice, linen ballet slippers, and tarlatan tutu. The only sculpture he exhibited during his lifetime, it was both hailed and criticized for its uncanny realism.

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