Who was on the 1936 Olympic rowing team?


Rowers Nation
Herbert Morris Charles Day Gordon Adam John White James McMillin George Hunt Joe Rantz Donald Hume United States

What was Don Hume sick with at the Olympics?

Don Hume, ’37, their stroke oar, the man who set the pace, was ill with what was probably walking pneumonia.

Who won rowing in 1936 Olympics?

Rowing at the 1936 Summer Olympics/Medalists

Who represented Germany in the 1936 Olympics?

Germany at the 1936 Summer Olympics
Website www.dosb.de (in German, English, and French)
in Berlin, Nazi Germany 1–16 August 1936
Competitors 433 (389 men and 44 women) in 22 sports
Flag bearer Hans Fritsch

What did Joe Rantz do after the 1936 Olympics?

Rantz studied chemical engineering at UW and worked 35 years for Boeing. After retirement, he went into business for himself making posts and shakes, and other products from cedar. His wife, Joyce, died in 2002. They had raised their family of five in Lake Forest Park.

What happened to Don Hume?

MONROE — Don Hume, a member of the 1936 University of Washington crew team that won a gold medal at the Berlin Olympics, died yesterday from the results of a stroke. He was 86.

How did rowing start?

Rowing was first used as a means of transport in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. As a sport, it probably began in England in the 17th and early 18th centuries, with the Oxford-Cambridge university boat race, which was inaugurated in 1828.

Where is the boys in the boat boat located?

the University of Washington campus
Every day, groups of people from near and far visit the Conibear Shellhouse on the University of Washington campus along the shores of Lake Washington to learn more about the boys and the boat that made history in Germany.

Who built the boats in boys in the boat?

Another character was George Pocock, the British-born builder of the racing boats, or “shells,” who handcrafted each one out of cedar. “He was the consummate craftsman, and he taught these guys to approach rowing the way he approached his craft of building boats,” Brown said.

Who won the 1936 Berlin Olympics in rowing?

In 1936, a rowing team from the University of Washington stunned the world by winning a gold medal in eight-oar crew at the Berlin Olympics in front of a crowd that included Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

Who were the members of the 1936 Olympic rowing team?

The 1936 U.S. Olympic rowing team from the University of Washington. From left: Don Hume, Joseph Rantz, George E. Hunt, James B. McMillin, John G. White, Gordon B. Adam, Charles Day, and Roger Morris.

How many athletes did Germany have in the 1936 Olympics?

Twelve cyclists, all men, represented Germany in 1936. 16 fencers, 13 men and 3 women, represented Germany in 1936. Dara 62′ ,?’ Pts. Pts. Three male pentathletes represented Germany in 1936, with Gotthard Handrick winning gold. Germany had 26 rowers participate in seven out of seven rowing events in 1936.

Where did the 1936 Olympic regatta take place?

It took place in the suburb of Grunau, when a group of college kids from the United States took on Germany and Italy in front of Hitler and 75,000 fans screaming for the Third Reich. The results of the 1936 Olympic regatta were the inverse of that year’s track and field competition.