Who was running back for Jim Kelly?

back Thurman Thomas
The leaders of the offense, quarterback Jim Kelly and running back Thurman Thomas, both had the best seasons of their careers. Kelly completed 64.1 percent of his passes for 3,844 yards and a league-leading 33 touchdowns, with only 17 interceptions, to give him a 97.6 passer rating.

Who was the quarterback for Buffalo Bills in 1991?

Jim Kelly

Pos Player GS
QB Jim Kelly*+ 15
RB Thurman Thomas*+ 15
WR Don Beebe 7
WR James Lofton* 15

Who did the Bills play in the Super Bowl in 1991?

The Giants defeated the Bills by the score of 20–19, winning their second Super Bowl. The game was held at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Florida, on January 27, 1991, and was the last time a Super Bowl would be held at Tampa Stadium.

Who played with Jim Kelly on the Bills?

Thurman Thomas
For the Bills’ Wild Card Matchup against the Patriots, the team will have not one but TWO Legends of the game. Hall of Famers Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas will lead the charge and hype up Bills Mafia before the game on Saturday night. Both Kelly and Thomas played with one another on the Bills from 1988-1996.

Where does Thurman Thomas live today?

When he retired from professional football in 2000, Thurman Thomas began devoting much of his time to his business, Thurman Thomas Enterprises. Based in Niagara Falls, New York (just a short drive from Buffalo), Thomas remains close to the world of professional athletics.

Who did Buffalo lose the Superbowl to?

Super Bowl XXVII, played against the Dallas Cowboys, turned out to be a mismatch. Buffalo committed a Super Bowl-record 9 turnovers en route to a 52–17 loss, becoming the first team in NFL history to lose three consecutive Super Bowls.

Who did Buffalo lose the Super Bowl to?

Who was the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 1992?


Pos Player GS
QB Jim Kelly* 16
RB Thurman Thomas* 16
WR Don Beebe 8
WR James Lofton 15

Who played the Bills in the Super Bowl?

The Bills won the AFC East championship in 1993 with a 12–4 record, and again won playoff games against the Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, setting up a rematch with the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVIII on January 30, 1994.

When was Super Bowl XXV?

January 27, 1991Super Bowl XXV / Start date

The best photos and moments of Super Bowl XXV between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills played on January 27, 1991 at the Tampa Stadium in Tampa, Fl.

How is Jim Kellys health?

Jim Kelly is doing just fine. It’s been a battle. He sure knows that much. Originally diagnosed with cancer in 2013, at one point, the Buffalo Bills legend was given less than a 10 percent chance to live.

How rich is Bruce Smith?

Bruce Smith net worth: Bruce Smith is a former American NFL football defensive end who has a net worth of $12 million….Bruce Smith Net Worth.

Net Worth: $12 Million
Date of Birth: Jun 18, 1963 (58 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 3 in (1.93 m)
Profession: American football player

What was the Buffalo Bills’record in 1991?

The 1991 Buffalo Bills season was the 32nd season and 22nd in the National Football League. The Buffalo Bills finished the National Football League ‘s 1991 season with a record of 13 wins and 3 losses, the same record as their previous season, and finished first in the AFC East division.

Did the 1991 bills have the second-easiest schedule in NFL history?

Pro Football Reference argues that the 1991 Bills gained the second-easiest schedule of any NFL team since 1971, with only the 1999 St. Louis Rams who played only one team with a winning record in the regular season getting an easier set of games.

How good was the Buffalo Bills offense in the 1990s?

The Bills No Huddle “K-Gun” offense, after having a breakout 1990 season, once again dominated the league by gaining an NFL leading 6,525 yards and scoring 458 points, a franchise record, and second only to Washington. The leaders of the offense, quarterback Jim Kelly and running back Thurman Thomas, both had the best seasons of their careers.

What happened in the Bills’first road game of the year?

The Bills faced stiffer competition in their first road game of the year. The Jets clawed to a 10–3 lead late in the second; a pass-interference penalty set up a seven-yard Andre Reed touchdown catch. The Jets led 20–16 lead in the fourth quarter until Thurman Thomas caught a 15-yard score.