Who was the most famous person in the 19th century?

The 19th century was a period marked by major political upheavals in several parts of the world….Famous People Of The 19th Century

  1. 1 Albert Einstein.
  2. 2 Abraham Lincoln.
  3. 3 Alexander Hamilton.
  4. 4 Nikola Tesla.
  5. 5 Vincent van Gogh.
  6. 6 Joseph Stalin.
  7. 7 Winston Churchill.

Who are the 5 most important Americans?

100 Greatest Americans

  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Rosa Parks.
  • George Washington.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Albert Einstein.
  • Benjamin Franklin.
  • Thomas Jefferson.
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Who is the most significant American?


Rank Name
1 Abraham Lincoln 16th President of the United States
2 George Washington First President of the United States of America
3 Thomas Jefferson Third president of the United States of America, and the most conspicuous apostle of democracy in America.

Who is an important historical figure from the 1900’s?

Famous People from 1900-1910

Howard Taft The successor of Roosevelt who runs for President and win against William Jennings Bryan.
Orville Wright Flies 120 feet in 12 seconds in the first heavier-than-air machine.
Henry Ford Creator of the Model T. The man who brought cost effective cars to America.

What was America like in the 19th century?

In the United States, the nineteenth century was a time of tremendous growth and change. The new nation experienced a shift from a farming economy to an industrial one, major westward expansion, displacement of native peoples, rapid advances in technology and transportation, and a civil war.

Who was the most powerful person in American history?

George Washington, 1st president of the United States (1789–97).

Who is considered the most influential person in history?

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 most influential people of all time:

  • Jesus Christ.
  • Albert Einstein.
  • Isaac Newton.
  • Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Aristotle.
  • Muhammad.
  • Galileo Galilei.
  • Alexander the Great.

Who impacted American history the most?

author, inventor, statesman, and scientist.

  • Ronald Reagan (1911–2004), actor and 40th president.
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809–1865), 16th president.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. (
  • George Washington (1732–1799), general and 1st president.
  • Benjamin Franklin (1705–1790), author, printer, scientist and politician.
  • George W.

Who influenced America the most?

Influential Americans

  • George Washington.
  • Thomas Jefferson.
  • Sacagawea, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
  • Abraham Lincoln.
  • Sitting Bull.
  • Alexander G. Bell.
  • Thomas Edison.
  • Henry Ford.

Who were the most famous people in the 1900s?

For the period from the start of the 1900s to the 1918 end of World War I, Clive James puts forth these 36 celebrities:

  • Enrico Caruso.
  • Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright.
  • Louis Blériot.
  • Marie Curie.
  • Theodore Roosevelt.
  • Florence Lawrence.
  • Francis X. Bushman.
  • William S. Hart.

Who impacted history the most?

100 People who changed the world

  • Muhammad (570 – 632) Founder of Islam.
  • Martin Luther King (1929 – 1968) Civil Rights leader.
  • Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865) American President during civil war, helped end slavery.
  • Nelson Mandela (1918 – 2013) Anti-apartheid leader, first President of democratic South Africa in 1994.