Why did Cartoon Network cancel FusionFall?

On April 16, 2020, FusionFall Retro was closed after receiving a DMCA takedown request from Cartoon Network.

Can you still play FusionFall?

On August 29, 2013, the game’s servers were shut down. It was unofficially revived by fans as two different games in 2017, the first being FusionFall: Retro which was the original game and the second being FusionFall: Legacy which was planned to be the original game but with additional content.

How old are the characters in FusionFall?

In the show, we were given a general age range for the Gangreen Gang at 14-17 years, with Ace being the oldest and Lil’ Arturo extending that approximation according to his wiki page with a personal age range of 10-14 years.

Is FusionFall a retro?

FusionFall Retro (abbreviated as Retro or FFR) was an unofficial revival of the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFall, which was crafted and supported over the span of four years by a team of devoted fans. The game was a modified version of the original game, with new custom content added later in its life.

Can you play FusionFall in 2021?

On December 13th, 2021, it was announced via the projects Discord server that the game had ceased production due to the development team not having the time or skill to continue development.

Who created FusionFall?

Cartoon Network
Grigon Entertainment

How many Nanos are in FusionFall?

The original game released with 36 Nanos, with more eventually being added in the Academy update, adding up to a total of 56 Nanos. In FusionFall Retro, there are currently 40 Nanos, with 4 more confirmed to release in a future update.

How old was ace in FusionFall?

Ace (Gangreen Gang)

Age 17
Other info Physical description Gender Male Hair color Black
Series The Powerpuff Girls

What is FusionFall legacy?

FusionFall Legacy (abbreviated as Legacy or FFL) was an in-development fangame based on the Cartoon Network MMORPG FusionFall, which was being developed for over five years by a team of devoted fans. FusionFall Legacy was under the FusionFall Universe banner, which also contained FusionFall Retro.

When did fusion fall release?

January 14, 2009FusionFall / Initial release date

What happened FusionFall legacy?

Before April 16th, 2020, FusionFall Legacy was still in development, with a demo slated to come out that year, however, due to the DMCA takedown request by Cartoon Network, FusionFall Legacy has been cancelled. The game is in a playable state, but under the terms of the DMCA, it can never be released to the public.

What are Nanos powers?

Nano powers come in two main types: passive and triggered. Passive powers will activate automatically upon summoning a Nano, and drain the Nano’s stamina at a steady rate. Triggered powers must be activated by the player, and drain a large amounts of stamina at once instead of steadily.

What is the Cartoon Network Universe In FusionFall?

The Cartoon Network Universe refers to the collective world that FusionFall takes place in. This picture is seen in the intro of the game after you finish creating your character. The world of FusionFall is designed around various Cartoon Network properties.

What kind of game is FusionFall?

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment. FusionFall uses the Unityengine as its client technology basis. In Fusionfall, the player takes control of a customized avatar.

When did Fusion Fall come out?

It was originally scheduled to be released in fall 2008, but the release date was pushed back to January 14, 2009.The game became free-to-play on April 19, 2010. Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is a Massive Multiplayer Online Game developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment.

How many characters are In FusionFall?

In FusionFall, the player takes control of a customized character. The game featured more than 50 characters and several areas based on current and past shows of Cartoon Network. A part of the roster is made of companions that will assist during the adventure. The character is viewed from a third-person perspective with an overlaid HUD.