Why do they say Gorram in Firefly?

Gorram is an exclamation used to express anger and frustration. Written use of the word dates to at least the 1850s. It was frequently used in the TV series Firefly. Gorram carries approximately the same meaning and emotional connotations as the American English term, “God damn.”

What does Gorram mean in Mandarin?

The basics include Gorram (“Run! It’s the gorram law!”), Ruttin’ (“It’s gettin’ too ruttin’ hot in here.”), and Humped (“He’s got a gun on us. We’re humped!”). Cursing in Chinese is considered more imaginative and expressive, and most everyone does it—at least when his mother has left the room.

Why do they randomly speak Chinese in Firefly?

Firefly’s use of Mandarin Chinese (without subtitles) was a way to depict an integrated futuristic culture, as well as a way to get away with cursing.

What language is spoken in Firefly?


What is the meaning of goram?

The name Goram came to England with the ancestors of the Goram family in the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Goram family lived in the places named Goring in Oxfordshire and Sussex. The place-name was originally derived from the Old English word Garingas, which means people of Gara.

What does Dong Ma mean?

Usage: Dong means understand while ma is a particle indicating the speaker is asking a question. Dong ma can be translated as “Understand?” but I find it highly unlikely for Jayne to have been so proper. A more curt “Got it?” seems more appropriate.

What language do they swear in in Firefly?

Is Serenity a prequel to Firefly?

Serenity. The film Serenity was released on September 30, 2005. The film acts as a sequel to Firefly and features much of the same cast and crew. The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon.

Why does everyone in Firefly speak Chinese?

The Alliance’s full title is the “Anglo-Sino Alliance.” Joss Whedon intended for it to be the merger of USA and China, the last of the world’s superpowers. That’s why many characters sometimes speak Chinese. The Alliance flag, seen in the original pilot, is a blending of the US and Chinese flags.

Do they actually speak Mandarin in Firefly?

What is the meaning of AGUM?

“Agum” is a word in ILOKANO, HILIGAYNON, CEBUANO. agum ILOKANO. Definition: v. /MANG-:-AN/ to covet, desire, crave, long for.

What does Contessa mean in Italian?

noun. countess [noun] the wife or widow of an earl or count. countess [noun] a woman of the same rank as an earl or count in her own right.