Why is Sonic Unleashed so great?

For the record, Sonic Unleashed is a very awesome and fun game with good controls, awesome graphics, beautiful music and cool gameplay, the game starts off with Eggman trying the make the world shattered into pieces by help of a monstrous Dark Gaia, then Sonic comes and gets turned into a werehog.

What is chip real name Sonic Unleashed Chip’s?

Light Gaia
Chip (チップ Chippu), real name Light Gaia (ライトガイア Raitogaia), is a fictional character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series and the deuteragonist of Sonic Unleashed. He is a primordial entity from the dawn of time and the incarnation of light, day and rebirth.

Why does Sonic turn into a Werehog?

It is caused by Dr. Eggman and a special ray that hits Sonic with Dark Gaia’s power, in turn, the energy from Dark Gaia had turned Sonic into this from. Sonic finds out at sundown he changes into the Werehog.

What animal is chip from Sonic Unleashed?

Chip (チップ) appears as a small, purple, flying dog-like creature in Sonic Unleashed. He advises Sonic (and therefore the player) in a manner similar to Tikal in Sonic Adventure.

Is Sonic unleashed a hard game?

Sonic Unleashed also had some pretty difficult sections as well. Eggmanland Day, as well as the Eggmanland Night stages, were pretty hard to tackle as well. Other than that, it’s a pretty solid game (and my favorite). Sonic Advance’s Ice Cap Zone was a tiny bit tough too… But enough about my experience.

Is Sonic unleashed a boost game?

The Boost, from the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of Sonic Unleashed. In both the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version and the Wii/PlayStation 2 version of Sonic Unleashed, the move is referred to as the Sonic Boost (ソニックブースト, Sonikku Būsuto?) and is used exclusively by Sonic the Hedgehog in the daytime Stages.

How do you beat Dark Gaia in Sonic Unleashed?

To defeat this boss, the player must collect Rings that float around to charge the Boost Gauge enough to use the Super Sonic Boost and hit each of Perfect Dark Gaia’s eyes once.

Why can werehog Sonic stretch?

Sonic the Werehog can stretch because his blood has been replaced by magma.

What happened to Chip in Sonic Unleashed?

As they restored the sixth continent though, Chip got sucked into a mural inside the Gaia Temple where he got his memories back. Returning to Sonic, Chip explained his history, the cause of his memory loss, and the reason why Sonic retained his personality as a Werehog.

Is Sonic Unleashed scary?

The best-worst sonic game. I recommend this game for kids 7-8+ because sometimes the werehog levels can get a little intense/scary but nothing to give you nightmares. But just a recommendation.

Is there a script for Sonic Unleashed cutscenes?

44 Let’s Finish This! This is a script of the cutscenes in Sonic Unleashed . [Scene: Outer space above earth .] [ Dr. Eggman’s battle fleet comes into view and Eggman is seen in the control room on board his flagship.]

What happened to chip in Sonic the Hedgehog?

[ Chip absorbs some light from the orb, and adapts an expression of revelation. Back in the Gaia Temple, the mural glows and Chip emerges from it before it returns to normal. Chip flies down in front of Sonic.] Chip: Sonic. I remember now.

What does Sonic say to chip?

[ Chip is taken in by the deliciousness of the Sundae Supreme.] Sonic: [ Yells at Chip from afar and waves] Hey! What about your memories? Chip: [ Drools] Chocolate chip… sundae… supreeeeme!

How did Sonic and chip fall off the tornado-1?

[ The Tornado-1 files across the sky. Sonic and Chip jumps off it and falls down, Chip waving and cheering at the same time, and they land on the ground, Chip striking a pose when he does. The two of them proceed down the path until they hear Eggman.]