Are amp covers worth it?

For the most part covers are not needed unless you get something plastic that could save you while transporting the amp in rainy weather. They are so cheap it is a false economy not to use them. Particularly if you have a cat, they seem to love clawing speaker cloth. It stops dust getting in as well.

How do you shield an amp?

One way to shield your amp is to line the area around the components with grounded, conductive material. You’ll need to surround the component side of the chassis with metal. The component side of the chassis is the side that doesn’t have tubes sticking out of it.

How do I put tolex on my amp?

Lay the Tolex face down and apply the glue (Photo 7) with a brush to the area in the center that is marked for the top panel. Then apply glue to the cabinet top. You must apply glue to BOTH PIECES to be glued together.

Do amp isolation boxes work?

It absolutely kills the physical speaker and microphone alternatives. It sounds better, it’s smaller, it’s dead quiet, and it just works. I know the Two-Notes is more expensive than some of the guitar isolation cabinets you can buy, but it’s so much better.

What is isolation box?

A cabinet designed to reduce the ambient noise from a computer, hard drive, or other piece of hardware that makes ambient noise that otherwise would be audible in the room. See also “isolation cabinet.”

Is tolex a vinyl?

Tolex is a trade name for a flexible, waterproof, vinyl material used as a cover material for books, upholstery, guitar amplifiers, cases, and other products.

How much tolex do I need?

For example a typical 4×12 cabinet is normally about 30in x 30in x 11in., so you’d need a strip of tolex at least 120in long (30+30+30+30). Of course, just as in the 2×12 example above you still have measure for depth, and a back panel.

What kind of speaker grill covers do I need for speakers?

Car audio speaker grill covers (square or rectangular) for sub-woofers, factory car speakers, or grills for amp ventilation covers. Outdoor audio speaker grill covers for homes, businesses, and marine use.

What material are your guitar amp covers made of?

Our guitar amp covers and speaker covers are constructed with high quality 600 denier PVC-backed Polyester (a durable, canvas-like material on the outside and Vinyl on the inside), which renders them completely dust and water proof, as well as extremely resistant to abrasion…

Why protect your amp or speaker cabs?

Protecting your expensive amp or speaker cab from unsightly bumps, scrapes and scuffs! This material stands up to direct sunlight and constant water much better than Nylon or ordinary Vinyl…

How many colors are available on the speaker fabric covered grills?

Custom paint color mixing is also available. The speaker fabric covered grills are constructed of clear vertical grain wood frames wrapped with top quality U.S. made speaker fabric and are available in 12 different colors.