Are hay steamers good for horses?

Four different palatability studies have found that steaming hay makes it more palatable to horses. Many of the horses chose the steamed hay over dry hay and even haylage. One of these studies took place at my university. So steaming your hay could be a great way to help your horse get the forage they need.

What is the best hay steamer?

Built with ARPRO

  • ARPRO is an outstanding thermal insulator Which is what makes possible the most efficient hay steamer known to man! ARPRO is super strong for yard proof durability.
  • ARPRO is astonishingly lightweight.
  • ARPRO is resistant to ambient temperature changes so it remains robust over the years.

Do hay steamers work?

Haygain Steamers are the only scientifically proven way to eliminate up to 99% the dust, bacteria, fungi and mold found in hay that can cause serious health issues. Steamed hay offers a number of health benefits: Respiratory Health – prevents incidents of inflammatory airway disease by 65%.

How long should hay be steamed for?

If you wish to reduce the WSC further and in a more consistent manner, the latest research suggests a 9 hour soak followed by a 50 minute steam will be the most effective and will ensure the hay is hygienically clean too (soaking alone increases bacteria).

Is steaming hay better than soaking?

In one study, steaming reduced the WSC content by 3% whereas soaking the same hay reduced WSC by around 30% on average. However, steaming is beneficial for the hygienic quality of the hay and whereas soaking increases the bacterial presence in hay, steaming reduced bacteria numbers by 98%.

Will a horse eat moldy hay?

Horses will eat moldy hay, especially if they have no alternative forage, but consuming moldy hay is dangerous and can cause digestive and respiratory diseases.

How long do you steam hay for horses?

Steaming hay is so much quicker than waiting hours for hay to soak. Most steamers steam hay in around 30 mins. It’s important to note that hay that has been pulled apart or shaken out will steam much more quickly.

How do you make a hay steam for horses?

Using Your Steamer

  1. Step 1: Put your steamer somewhere with good drainage away from any fire hazards.
  2. Step 2: Put your hay in steamer.
  3. Step 3: Thoroughly wet the hay – I spray each flake on each side.
  4. Step 4: Fill steamer with water to steam line.
  5. Step 5: Steam hay for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Is steamed hay good for Laminitics?

Soaking hay and steaming it can benefit horses with respiratory issues, laminitis and those that are sensitive to sugar or require low potassium content.

What are black spots on hay?

Any moisture level greater than 20% on the surface could result in significant mold growth/discoloration, and levels greater than 30% moisture can result in the entire stack’s exposed surface being covered in black sooty mold.

What is the white stuff on hay?

In hay, the white mold in the bale is the mycelium and dustiness is from the tiny spores. The potential for hay molding starts even with the standing hay crop where bacteria protects the plant from fungal and yeast infections.

Should I soak my horses hay?

Soaking hay for 15 to 60 minutes is a good way to manage these horses, but only soak hay if your preferred hay isn’t available. Feed soaked hay right away to avoid mold growth. Dispose of water in random grassy areas that horses can’t access.

How do I use the stable mate steamer?

The Stable Mate Steamer is designed to steam a half bale at a time. In summer, we advise you to remove the hay from the steamer and put it in a hay bag. If you’re steaming to reduce particulate matter for a horse with respiratory issues, don’t allow the hay to dry out before feeding.

What equipment do you use to steam your horse’s hay?

The units we used were the Bale Buster Hay Steamer from Happy Horse Products, and both the full bale and half bale from Haygain. These are large pieces of equipment that need a space close to a power outlet.

What is the best steamer for a small horse farm?

Haygain HG600 is an ideal steamer for a small number of horses. The robust steamer fits well with a small horse farm and people who have back pains as they feel an extra burden on their spine while working with HG 600.

What is hay steamer Hg 2002?

The robust steaming equipment that will cook maximum forage to accommodate food for multiple horses at a time. Hay steamer HG 2002 is a big one with 50 kg steaming capacity. HG 2002 is an advanced version of the HG 2000 model with additional features of two boilers for efficient forage processing mechanism.