Are Lamy pens worth it?

When it comes to fountain pens, there really aren’t a lot of cheap options and there are only a few inexpensive options. Lamy Safari is one of the more inexpensive fountain pens you can buy, making it an excellent way to sample a fountain pen without investing a lot of money.

Which Lamy pen is best?

LAMY CP1 Fountain Pen (Best Overall)

Is the Lamy AL-Star good?

The Lamy Al-Star/Safari design is top notch, with its distinctive dual sided ink window and large functional clip. Throw in the relatively inexpensive price (under $50.00) and the Lamy Al-Star is absolutely a top 5 must have inexpensive pen that every pen lover must have.

How do you store Lamy pens?

It’s best to store a fountain pen away from direct sunlight, preferably in a cool, dry place The pen can be in a horizontal position or nib pointing up. If travelling, a storage case is important with the ink reservoir either completely empty or completely full.

Is Lamy a good brand?

Product Awards. Strength of form and strong brand recognition: the Lamy design follows a clear line. Consistency which is rewarded: year in and year out, Lamy repeatedly wins awards for their writing instruments, packaging and promotional material – proving their extraordinary quality of design.

What is the difference between Lamy Al-Star and LX?

The Lamy LX is very much an “upgraded” version of the AL-Star, and the functionality is the same. Let’s be clear: you’re paying a premium for looks, from the “iPhone-style” anodizing, to the redesigned nib, to the premium packaging.

Is the Lamy dialog 3 just another Lamy pen?

With slight resemblance to something straight out of 2001: A space oddisey, the Lamy Dialog 3 doesn’t really look anything like a fountain pen on first sight. But then when you notice it’s just another Lamy pen, it all starts to make sense. You see, over the years, we’ve come to expect unique, minimal design from the German brand.

What is the difference between the Lamy Pico and dialog 3?

(Pause to hex Pico thief.) The Lamy Pico is a beautiful ballpoint with a cylindrical shape that hides a cool system for activating and elongating the pen. The Dialog 3 is a fountain pen whose cylindrical shape hides a cool system for activating and extending a fountain pen nib.

How do you use the Lamy converter on the dialog 3?

The Dialog 3 comes with a Lamy converter, or one can use Lamy cartridges. I have been using the included converter. The converter forms a unit with the nib and feed, and you remove this from the pen’s metal shell to either fill or clean out ink.

What does the Lamy dialog 3 piano white look like?

The only decorations are a chrome clip, two sets of parallel gray lines and the Lamy logo. The Piano White finish is a sleek, shiny white. The Dialog 3 also comes in shiny Piano Black, matte black and palladium. Elegance and restraint are the order of the day, and that’s reflected in the color choices. Piano White is beautiful.