Are Twin Disc Clutches good?

When you use a dual disc clutch you are essentially doubling the holding power of the clutch system without adding any extra pedal effort. This allows you to have the extra performance and increased friction surface area without ending up with a left leg that is twice the size of your right from a stiff pedal!

What is the benefit of a dual disk clutch?

DOUBLE DISC CLUTCHES Double disc clutch kits have a few advantages: More torque and horsepower capacity. Maximum durability. Firm engagement for excellent performance in extreme applications.

Are South Bend clutches good?

South Bend Clutch is the best. I have never dealt with any auto parts company, dealer or for that fact any business than had the service and understanding that they do. They are the best to do business with. I just wish that they sold everything else I bought.

Is a twin-disc clutch harder to drive?

1. Most of the double disc systems are hard to drive. After the break-in period, double disc clutches become only slightly more drivable than they were before.

Are twin-disc clutches noisy?

All twin-disc clutches make noise as a direct result of the center, or “floater” plate, which is the intermediate flywheel between the clutch discs, vibrating against the locating notches in the flywheel when the clutch pedal is depressed.

Which is better single disc or dual disc?

Dual disc is better but it has lesser mileage than single disc variants due to thicker tyre. Double disc will be better but keep in mind the absence of a kick starter.

Are South Bend clutches loud?

The noise is a result of the vibration your engine creates, being transferred into your transmission. When you depress the clutch pedal, it disconnects the engine from the transmission. Due to the fact that the original clutch assembly used a sprung (dual mass) flywheel to dampen that vibration, there was no noise.

Where are South Bend clutches made?

South bend is the only clutch we sell because you won’t find a better made Diesel Performance clutch. Made In America! South Bend has a wide variety of combinations for our customers to choose from.

Why do twin plate clutches rattle?

A performance clutch can also cause increased noise in the driveline and twin plate kits can “rattle” when the clutch pedal is depressed due to the floating intermediate plate. These side effects are generally very minor and are often overlooked due to the benefits of a performance clutch upgrade.