Can a subdomain have a different SSL certificate?

Yes, if you have only 2-3 subdomains, you can get a multi-domain SSL certificate. Here, you need to treat your subdomains as separate SAN. For example, to secure,,, and, list as your main domain and list the other subdomains as separate SAN.

Can you have multiple wildcard certificates?

Yes, you can use two different certificate for the same common name.

Does a subdomain need its own SSL certificate?

So, securing every subdomain is imperative. But the good news is, you don’t have to buy separate SSL certificates for all your registered subdomains. A single wildcard certificate can secure your primary domain and all your first-level subdomains.

Does a wildcard SSL cover all subdomains?

A wildcard SSL certificate encrypts unlimited subdomains on the same level.

Can you have a wildcard for a subdomain?

A wildcard DNS record allows you to point all existing and non-existing subdomains to a specific area. For example, and would both direct to when a wildcard subdomain is enabled. If your main domain is, then the wildcard subdomain will be *.

What is multi domain wildcard SSL certificate?

Under a multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate, a user can protect multiple fully qualified domains and their unlimited number of sub-domains (up to the first level). Multi-domain wildcard SSL is an excellent choice for the users wishing to secure multiple domains along with an unlimited number of sub-domains.

How do I create a SSL certificate for a subdomain?

Go to Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager. Select the subdomain from the Select Domain dropdown and choose the desired type of SSL. Click Install.

What is multi domain wildcard SSL?

Do you need a CSR for a wildcard certificate?

However, before a wildcard certificate is issued to you, like any other SSL certificate, you must generate a CSR. And, for that, you have to ensure that the format of the domain is correct. For example, to generate a CSR to secure the base domain and all its sub-domains, you need to enter the domain with * (asterisk).

How do I get SSL on subdomain?

What is multi-domain wildcard SSL certificate?